Too Hot to Handle’s Georgia Hassarati slams ex-boyfriend Harry Jowsey: “You look dumb”

Meera Jacka
Georgia Hassarati's sister Savannah shared her vile opinion of Harry Jowsey in an online rant.

Too Hot to Handle’s Harry Jowsey has been slammed in a series of TikToks posted by his ex-girlfriend, Georgia Hassarati.

Despite both competing in separate seasons of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle, the reality TV couple didn’t meet until after Georgia Hassarati was crowned the winner of Perfect Match season 1.

The pair went on to date for almost a year before calling it quits, with Harry Jowsey confirming the news via a Snapchat Q&A.

Now Georgia Hassarati has gone on the record about the breakup, defending herself against cheating accusations on TikTok.

“All my friends heard how he spoke to me and were so appalled by it, that it actually forced me to see that this is not someone I want to be with,” Georgia said, describing how Harry would allegedly showcase controlling behavior while she attended Coachella.

She claimed Harry then broke up with her over a “gut feeling” that she’d been unfaithful, using a “pathetic handwritten letter” to end things.

“He hates that I’ve moved on so effortlessly, so he has to now tell you all that I’ve cheated on him,” Georgia said, before inviting anyone with proof of her cheating at Coachella to publicize it.

In a follow-up video, Georgia brought attention to how all of Harry’s relationships have ended with his partners allegedly cheating.

“He’s the only issue,” Georgia stated. “And it’s sad how much he has such an intense hatred for any woman that enters his life and any woman that leaves his life.”

She also alleged that Harry cheated at the start of their relationship and would project “all his guilt and insecurities” onto her. Calling him the “biggest mistake” to her character and image, Georgia warned other girls to stay away and that Harry “needs genuine therapy”.

A third and final TikTok slammed Harry for alleging that Georgia’s family had been “horrible to him”. She claimed that though her family witnessed “all the pain” Harry put her through, they still showed him kindness.

“My whole family loved him,” Georgia said. “No one judged him.” She also stated he would happily return any gifts Harry gave her during their relationship after he complained about funding her “designer lifestyle”.

Described by viewers as “an absolute mic drop moment”, Georgia concluded her tirade by captioning the final part, “Enjoy watching this on one of your 85 burner accounts and leave me tf alone.”

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