The Circle contestant catfishes as “his fatter self” in Season 6

Je'Kayla Crawford
The Circle's Myles

Netflix’s The Circle is all about people using the power of catfishing online to win and Season 6 is going to be no exception.

One of the main ways that contestants find their way to the end of The Circle is by disguising their true identities as a catfish.

In the past seasons, there have been men posing as women, women posing as men, etc. However, Season 6 has a unique catfish that surely none of the other contestants would have expected.

On April 10, The Circle’s showrunner Susan House spoke with Entertainment Weekly and exposed the truth behind one of the sixth season‘s contestants and their online persona.

“There’s a new type of catfish we haven’t seen before, of a guy who catfishes as his fatter self, since he’s lost over 100 pounds since the pictures were taken, because he thinks people will react better to his fat pictures,” she explained to the outlet.

Susan didn’t reveal which Season 6 contestant in particular this corresponds to, so viewers will just have to find out for themselves when it premieres on April 17 on Netflix.

While going through the competition as an alias has worked for some people, it can cause some chaos that might not be worth it in the long run. Everyone remembers Season 2 when DeLeesa took home the win after she catfished as her real-life husband Trevor. The awkward moment was when she met runner-up Chloe, who had a huge crush on Trevor. A $100,000 cash prize doesn’t equal up to publicly humiliating a co-star.

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