The Circle Season 6 cast: Meet the contestants

Je'Kayla Crawford

The Season 6 cast of The Circle has 11 contestants, which includes three stars catfishing as someone else. Oh, and one is a robot.

After well over a year of waiting, The Circle is finally heading back to the US with its sixth season.

Set to premiere on April 17, the new season has the same concept as the rest: Without seeing each other face to face, a group of contestants must get to know each other and eventually block one another, until one cast member takes home $100,000. The show also has a tendency to turn into a Love Is Blind of sorts in terms of stars getting romantic with each other, but you never know if that’s going to happen this time around.

This season introduces 11 contestants looking to win that cash prize, but some of them have a few secrets under their sleeves.

Here are all of the contestants for the sixth season of The Circle, including their catfishing aliases.


Brandon (Catfishing as Olivia)

Posing as the opposite sex might prove to either be a great strategy for the competition, or Brandon’s downfall.

Caress (Catfishing as Paul)

Speaking of catfishing, Caress is doing the same thing. Maybe she’ll go into the season as “Paul” and will come out $100,000 richer? Who knows.



A.I. robot (Catfishing as Max)

Yes, you saw it right. This season, a robot with artificial intelligence will be catfishing as a man. Will the contestants be able to quickly spot that they are interacting with a robot instead of a real human, or will “Max” find his way to the finale? Only time will tell.


Big J




The first four episodes of the season are set to be released on Netflix on April 17, with additional episodes to be released on the streaming service weekly.

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