Love Island USA’s Season 5 premiere pulls off a jaw-dropping islander elimination

Je'Kayla Crawford
Bergie and Anna from Love Island USA

Season 5 of Love Island USA is already off to a dramatic start. An islander is already on the verge of being eliminated in the first episode.

The premiere we have all been waiting for has arrived. The first episode of Love Island USA Season 5 was released on July 18.

And, as host Sarah Hyland teased, it was filled with surprises. For starters, the first day started right off the bat with a challenge – which was either confidence-boosting or insecurity-filled, depending on the islander.

The girls were tasked to decide who to couple up with. But, they could change their answer if another boy who walked in caught their eye. In the end, no one decided to couple up with Bergie Bergersen.

Because the show must go on, he ended up being paired with Anna Kurdys. The two did not seem to be into each other in the slightest. Yet, they didn’t have to worry about that for long. Enter in: The most surprising elimination in Love Island USA history.

Who got eliminated in the Love Island USA Season 5 premiere?

Near the end of the first episode, Sarah asked the couples to choose who was the least compatible. And, in an almost unanimous decision, Bergie and Anna were chosen.

It could have stopped there – but there was another twist in store. The two were then tasked to decide which one of them should go home, and which one should stay in the competition.

Shocking everyone in the villa, Bergie decided to send himself home. Yet, not all hope is lost for the islander. Set on a cliffhanger, he received a text.

Judging by Molly Marsh’s unexpected comeback in Love Island UK Season 10, anything is possible.

Viewers will soon see if Bergie will be able to stay in the competition, or if he will still be sent packing.
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