Love Island fans divided over Molly Marsh’s reaction to Kady & Ouzy dumping

Je'Kayla Crawford
Molly, Zachariah, Kady, and Ouzy

Love Island fans are torn over the VIP night episode where Kady and Ouzy got dumped and Molly showed her true colors.

The VIP party episode of Love Island Season 10 was nothing short of a rollercoaster. In the fan votings, Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki were chosen as the favorite couple (so far). They were then entrusted to choose a couple to save from elimination.

The two ultimately decided to save Mitchel Taylor and Ella Barnes, which caused Kady McDermott and her partner Ouzy See to be dumped. And when the elimination was announced, Molly Marsh was seen smirking.

Such a reaction might not be too surprising coming from her. Kady was the bombshell that turned Zachariah Noble’s head, causing Molly to be dramatically dumped from the villa. And now that she’s back, Zachariah still chose to kiss Kady back in the pie challenge – right in front of Molly’s face, no less.

After the episode aired viewers were quick to share their opinions on the situation. And the overall reaction from fans is mixed.

What do fans think about Love Island’s Molly reaction to Kady?

Fans quickly took to social media to hash out their reactions to the moment.

Some believe that Molly was wrong to smirk at Kady’s elimination. Especially, since Kady didn’t smirk when she was eliminated. But others see it as simply the islander being iconic and relatable.

Since Kady is officially out of the villa, viewers will soon see if Molly and Zachariah are going to make it to the end, or if they call it quits. Who knows, maybe another bombshell or two will be added to stir more drama?
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