Love Island’s Kady McDermott claps back at Molly Marsh’s dumping reaction

Je'Kayla Crawford
Kady and Molly from Love Island

Kady McDermott from Love Island Season 10 just responded to Molly Marsh’s smirk at her elimination. And she revealed an unexpected detail.

Love Island Season 10 might have just spawned one of the biggest rivalries in the show’s history. The two who seem to be in a never-ending argument are Molly Marsh and Kady McDermott.

They both have made their own comebacks this season. Kady’s entire appearance is a comeback as she was originally an islander in Season 2. 

Because she appeared as a bombshell this season, she was able to steal Molly’s partner, Zachariah Noble, away from her. Molly clearly wasn’t happy with the decision, but when she got dumped as a result, the viewers thought the drama was over. Then Casa Amor happened.

Molly returned to the competition and won Zachariah back. Kady was later dumped out of the villa with her new partner Ouzy See. But, not before Molly gave the last laugh. Her reaction when Kady was eliminated was a smirk.

In one of her first social media posts since out of the villa, Kady now has a reaction of her own.

How did Love Island’s Kady respond to Molly’s smirk?

On July 19, a Love Island fan tweeted about how excited they were to see Kady’s reaction to Molly’s smirk.

Kady responded in a tweet and wrote, “Whilst she was wearing my bikini, make it make sense.” The post has now gone viral with over 6 million views on the platform.

Viewers will soon see how Molly responds to Kady’s claim when she gets out of the villa. Who knows, maybe Kady is going to make a surprise return before the season is over?

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