Below Deck’s Captain Sandy says that her industry “hated” the show before she joined it

Je'Kayla Crawford
Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck

Captain Sandy from Below Deck Season 10 just revealed her first impressions of the show when it was first announced.

While Captain Sandy Yawn can be recognized for being a captain of the landmark series, she wasn’t always a part of the crew.

She first joined Below Deck during its tenth season. Before that, she was the captain of Below Deck Mediterranean.

As someone who worked in the industry well before either show of the franchise came out, Sandy had to have had an opinion on the idea of a reality TV show trying to showcase working on a boat.

However, judging from her answers from a recent interview, it seems she originally wanted no part in it.

Did Below Deck’s Captain Sandy like the show before joining?

On August 5, Sandy spoke with Manchester Evening News about everything Below Deck. During the interview, she revealed what she originally thought about the show before joining.

She said, “I didn’t seek the show, in fact, my industry hated Below Deck because it highlighted all the worst moments of what we do. But it landed in my lap, it was through a mutual friend of the showrunner who said we needed a woman captain. Everyone told me not to do it. But because of the person I am, when they say don’t do it, I’m like, why not?”

The reality TV star went on to share that one of the biggest factors that affected her was the cameras.

Sandy said, “You forget your mic all the time and you go… oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just said that. When you’re filming, you just want to do a good job as a professional. But then the next layer is the cameras and you’re like, my god, this is being filmed.”

She hasn’t revealed whether or not she is making a return as captain for Season 8 of Below Deck Mediterranean.

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