Below Deck’s Captain Sandy explains what she learned working for billionaire yacht owners

Molly Byrne
Captain Sandy of Below Deck Med

Captain Sandy of Below Deck opened up about what it is like working for billionaires.

Hailing from Fort Lauderdale where the water seemingly was waiting for her, Captain Sandy of Below Deck Mediterranean has worked in the yachting business for over three decades.

She began her career in her twenties and has had the privilege of sailing seas in Europe, the Persian Gulf, and more.

While Captain Sandy has mentored many new yachties, she’s earned her respect as one of the most renowned superyacht Captains of the sea. 

Though she’s worked with people of all sorts, she’s recently opened up about what it’s been like working for billionaires as well as how to stay true to yourself while still being respectful of the opinions of others.

Captain Sandy captures a yacht while docked.
Captain Sandy captures a yacht while docked.

Captain Sandy believes that “What is on your lung is on your tongue”

When she’s not yachting, Captain Sandy openly talks about her opinions on her Captain Sandy and Leah Rae podcast

Recently, she’s spoken about what it’s like working with billionaires while still trying to stay as conservative and authentic as possible in order to refrain from losing your career. “I worked for the billionaires before the TV show, right? So I was shoulder to shoulder with the decision makers on the planet.” 

Continuing, “When you work next to them, and for them, ‘cause I was their Captain — you hear their views and it’s really…they’re in the middle.”

Sandy says that having a filter while filming is sometimes difficult, she does admit that “What is on your lung is on your tongue.”

Captain Sandy then further explained why it’s imperative to appear a certain way while working with the richest of the rich, saying, “when you run a big corporation, you can’t be left or right. You have to be in the middle because you have so many different personalities and nationalities you’re working with.”

Though Captain Sandy hasn’t had many rough waters with those she has worked with and for, She did talk about the difference between what she’s like onscreen and offscreen, saying, “You just see what’s edited on television, but when you meet me, I guarantee you, you’ll change your opinion.”

Captain Sandy may have kept it cool while in the hot seat of her podcast, explaining why her opinions typically have to stay with her instead of vocalizing them for the sake of her career and name. Still, she’s also been busy preparing for Season 8 of Below Deck Mediterranean, which will release later this year.