Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Chase Lemacks slams Gary’s horrible leadership skills

Je'Kayla Crawford
Chase Lemacks from Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Chase Lemacks from Below Deck Sailing Yacht is publicly holding Gary King responsible for his bad leadership.

First Mate Gary King has definitely made some choice decisions in Season 4 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

At the mid-season point, he has already bumped heads with Deckhand Alex Propson and what feels like every viewer of the show.

But, the first person that he got tense with this season was Deckhand Chase Lemacks. Gary criticized him every moment he could, and even yelled at him in front of the charter guests.

Chase was recently asked to talk about Gary and his leadership skills. And he definitely did not hold back.

What did Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Chase say about Gary?

On June 12, Chase made his ‘Watch What Happens Live! With Andy Cohen’ debut with co-star Mads Herrera.

When questioned about Gary’s skills as a leader, he did not hesitate in sharing his thoughts.

He said, “There were just no instruction[s]. We were expected to know everything, and then we would be called out when we did it wrong. I think if he took two hours on the first day he arrived and walked us around the boat [and] showed us how everything worked, we would have been fine.”

The reality TV star went on to vent about how he ended up learning how to work on the yacht.

Chase said, “I would just learn where things [were] on the boat and we’d screw up and he’d call us out for it. That’s how we learned.”

Gary has not publicly responded to Chase’s comments. As the rest of the season goes on at a quicker speed than normal, viewers will soon see if the two crew members continue their on-screen drama.

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