Below Deck Med star set to leave show mid-season in unexpected exit

Below Deck Med Max SalvadorBravo

Below Deck Mediterranean deck team member, Max Salvador, suddenly announced to Bosun Luka Brunton and Captain Sandy that he might leave the show soon. Here is everything we know about the situation.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8 has been giving us tea-slurping drama every episode. It won’t be a lie that fans are truly entertained. This season we get everything. From Captain Sandy Yawn’s injury, Chef Jack Luby’s rebellion, to the stews Kyle Viljoen and Natalya Scudder fighting each other.

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Now adding to the list we have the deck, Max Salvador, suddenly announcing his leave. We are barely halfway through the season but many are saying that the interior team could be falling apart.

Is Max Salvador leaving Below Deck Mediterranean?

Below Deck Med Max Salvador

Bravo dropped an exclusive sneak peek of episode 9 of season 8, where we can see Max have a conversation with Bosun Luka Brunton. Luke was the first person who Max suddenly opened up to and he was clearly taken aback.

When Luke asked for a reason, Max explained how he felt like it was his time to leave. Max said, “You know, for me, I always say yachting is like a casino. Like a casino, you win money. You come inside, you make money, you make money, you make money. And, like the casino, you need to know to go out, to make the cash-out, you know? Before it’s too late and you lose everything.”

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When the news made it to Captain Sandy, she was shocked entirely. The Captain simply refused to let Max quit. She said, “You’re gonna leave? No.”

Among the chaos, fans are anticipating how the Captain will maneuver the whole situation, and if the interior team will really fall apart this season.

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