Below Deck’s Paris called out for giving “obnoxious” advice to Chef Nick

Erica Handel
Paris Field Below Deck

Chief Stew Fraser Olender asked Paris Field to help Chef Nick Tatlock in the galley on Below Deck Season 11, and she was roasted for her unnecessary suggestions.

Chef Nick Tatlock replaced Chef Anthony Iracane on Below Deck Season 11, and the interior team is watching him closely in the galley to keep an eye on his progress.

Stew Paris Field has frequently involved herself in the chef’s meals and gave him advice, even though she doesn’t have any culinary experience.

She encouraged Chef Nick to garnish his food and dictated how he plated his dishes during a beach picnic with the guests.

Now, he’s becoming frustrated with the stew’s suggestions due to her lower rank on the boat.

Below Deck Paris Field
Paris is giving Chef Nick advice on Below Deck Season 11.

On Reddit, Below Deck fans slammed Paris for helping Chef Nick in the galley during meal service.

“OK, Paris is being obnoxious about garnish. Those plates looked great,” one fan wrote.

Another fan admitted that they like Paris, but she’s not the chef and shouldn’t be telling him what to do while he’s cooking. They also made fun of her idea to add a green drizzle because it looked awful.

A different person said they had nothing against Paris until they saw her behavior in the May 13 episode of Below Deck, and think Chef Nick should ban the stew from the galley.

Chef Nick body-shamed Paris on the show by saying she would gain weight by adding mayonnaise to a wrap.

Because of this, she might have felt that his words were harsh and disrespectful and didn’t care if she stepped in where her advice wasn’t needed.

Fans think Paris may have good intentions for helping Chef Nick out, but they believe she should also listen to him because he has three stripes and she only has one.

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