Below Deck Down Under’s Aesha Scott rips into “sad” rich yacht guests

Je'Kayla Crawford
Aesha from Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Down Under’s Aesha Scott, also from Below Deck Mediterranean just shared her brutal opinion of rich guests.

As Chief Stewardess on Below Deck Down Under, Aesha Scott knows what it’s like working with very rich charter guests.

Even when she was on Below Deck Mediterranean for Seasons 4 and 5, she was tasked with working for wealthy people.

With years of experience, the reality TV star has cultivated a strong opinion of what rich people are really like in person.

And she just revealed her personal view of them on both TV and social media.

How does Below Deck Down Under’s Aesha describe rich guests?

On July 20, Aesha reposted a clip of her appearance on The Project New Zealand on Instagram.

During the interview, she was quick to talk about how amazing the guests are on Down Under.

She said, “The rich people that we get on the show are fun. They do cast the guests as well. So, they’re always a really good time.”

But, the reality TV star didn’t hold back when discussing the Med charters.

Aesha said, “On a whole, they’re just kind of sad. They say money doesn’t buy happiness and I do believe that. Because a lot of them are just really paranoid, super small group of friends, and they get drunk and they cry.”

It’s unclear whether or not she was referencing specific guests from her time on Below Deck Mediterranean. 

Viewers will soon see if her views of the rich match up with any of the charters in Season 2 of Down Under. And, how the crew responds to them.

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