Rainbow Six Sens guide: Loadouts, tips & tricks for Vector Glare attacker

Andrew Amos

Sens is the newest attacker in Rainbow Six Siege, coming as part of Operation Vector Glare. The Belgian operator has access to a deployable smoke ⁠— the R.O.U. Projector System ⁠— that can cut long lines of sight and split the map. We’ve got the best Sens guide here with tips and tricks you need to master her.

Sens is coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Vector Glare, and they’re ready to roll out in style. The Belgian operator boasts the R.O.U. Projector System to cut long lines of sight and keep their team (somewhat) safe from enemy fire.

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If you want to make the most out of their kit though, we’ve got the ultimate Sens guide right here with the best loadout and some tips and tricks for the Operation Vector Glare attacker.


Sens holding gun in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
Check out what’s coming beyond all the new content in Operation Vector Glare.

Sens loadout: weapons and gadgets

Sens’ attacker loadout has an assault rifle and a marksman rifle as primary weapon choices ⁠— no shotgun for those who like pushing the limits (and memes) of Siege. However, they’re two very interesting primary guns.

Their POF-9 is a new assault rifle boasting a large 51-round magazine. It has middling damage and fire rate compared to other assault rifles which the magazine makes up for, but to compensate it has quite the wild spray pattern.

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The 417 Marksman Rifle is there for those who are more accustomed to the semi-auto action, or if you need a longer sight as it boasts the 3.0x scope. In most situations though, learning the POF-9 recoil in the Shooting Range will pay off.

Secondary wise, you can pick between the SDP 9mm handgun or the GONNE-6 to destroy utility. The latter will come in very handy to clear out defenses and is often the best choice ⁠— just don’t shoot it at enemies.

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You can also choose between Hard Breach Charges and Claymores as your secondary gadget. They serve two very different purposes so keep that in mind. If you need extra breaching power, take the charges, else the Claymores are great for flankwatch.

Sens rolling out gadget in rainbow sixUbisoft
Sens’ R.O.U. Projector System gadget can roll a fair distance.

The flashy, interesting part of Sens’ loadout though is their R.O.U. Projector System. It’s a little disc which rolls out, bouncing off walls and leaving up a projected smoke screen for some time, allowing you to move while stealthed. The wall doesn’t do any damage to enemies who pass through it, and it can be shot through, so don’t treat it like a reinforced wall.

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The R.O.U. Projector System runs for quite a while, so you can cut off a lot of sight lines with it. However, it can be destroyed by grenades, fire, and bullets. Keep that in mind as you throw it out to keep your planters safe ⁠— by far its best use.

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You can find Sens’ full Rainbow Six loadout below, with bolded choices indicating our preferred picks.

Sens loadout in Rainbow Six

Primary weapons

  • POF-9
  • 419 Marksman Rifle

Secondary weapons

  • SDP 9mm
  • GONNE-6

Secondary gadgets

  • Hard Breach Charge
  • Claymore

sens loadout in rainbow six siege

Sens tips & tricks

Use Sens’ gadget to help protect plants

As we mentioned above, Sens’ gadget is best at protecting planters from enemy fire on site. You can quickly rush a plant by causing confusion with the smoke. You can use the projector to mask their location somewhat, but be mindful that it’s not bulletproof.

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Partnering the gadget with some extra utility like a shield operator (Osa has great synergy) can make it a breeze to plant on otherwise wide-open bomb sites. If enemies push through the smoke, you’ll have first pickings of the kill as you can see their gun barrel pop through first.

If you want to get extra tricky, you can lay down Claymores alongside the projector smoke, and defenders won’t stand a chance pushing through.

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Sens gadget rolling out on bomb siteUbisoft
Use the R.O.U. Projector System to block lines of sight on the bomb.

Split open areas in half to keep defenders guessing

The second best use, and quite often discounted by most, is using Sens’ gadget to split wide open areas in half to move through them safely. While it doesn’t stretch very high, it can be quite handy on a map like Bank to cut down those spaces and force some close-quarters combat.

Bear in mind though that the R.O.U. Projector System only deploys a vertical smoke, and if there’s an open floor or ceiling you can still get spotted and shot through that.

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Sens gadget in Chalet fireplace roomUbisoft
It’s great for making open areas a bit safer too.

Sens counters in Rainbow Six

Sens has two major counters in Rainbow Six Siege. The first is Wamai ⁠— his discs can stop their R.O.U. Projector System mid-deploy, cutting the rollout short and potentially leaving attackers exposed. The second is more straightforward ⁠— Warden can just see through the smoke with his own gadget and fire through.

You do also have to be careful as Sens to make sure no one can shoot your screen while you’re deploying it, or even use it against you. It’s cover for defenders as well if you misplace it, so don’t expect the enemies to stand still once you throw it out.

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