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Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare leaks: Y7S2 Operator details, new map, more

Published: 25/Mar/2022 6:33

by Andrew Amos


Rainbow Six Year 7 is raging on with Season 2, reportedly named Operation Vector Glare, on the horizon. Here’s what we know about the new Belgian Operator, an upcoming map, and more.

Operation Demon Veil kicked off Rainbow Six Year 7 in style with Azami, the Emerald Plains map, and more. However, the show will roll on in Season 2 ⁠— reportedly named Operation Vector Glare.

The usual affair of a new Operator, battle pass, and cosmetics are expected. However, there will be a second new map in back-to-back seasons to keep the battlefields fresh, as well as quality of life changes promised in the roadmap.


Here’s what we know about Rainbow Six’s Operation Vector Glare, including when the Year 7 Season 2 update will drop.


New Operator leaks: Sens

Leaks about the new operator in Operation Vector Glare, allegedly named Sens, are starting to drop in. While in the roadmap it was confirmed they would be from Belgium, that was the only info we got.

However, in the lead-up to the Y7S2 update, dataminers are working hard to unveil their kit. They reportedly have access to a R.O.U Projector System, rolling out big smoke screens that block lines of sight for a set amount of time ⁠— around 10 seconds.


It’s unclear whether they’re an attacker or defender, but it’s needless to say such an ability would have a massive impact regardless of their side.

New map coming in Operation Vector Glare

Following on from Emerald Plains’ addition in Operation Demon Veil, a second new map in as many seasons is coming in Operation Vector Glare.

There will be a key difference ⁠— this map is reportedly being developed for the new Deathmatch mode only, and won’t be making it into the regular playlist. However, that could change.

If it is the Deathmatch-exclusive map, it’ll be set in Greece, which isn’t awfully far from Belgium. Given the third map for the year will be Singaporean alongside the planned operator for Year 7 Season 3 it makes sense, but schedules have changed in the past, so keep your eyes out.


Emerald Plain map in Rainbow Six Siege
Emerald Plains will be followed up by a second new map in Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare.

Shooting Range mode finally added to Siege

With Team Deathmatch now on live servers, Ubisoft is keeping the new modes flowing with yet another long-awaited addition: the Shooting Range.

Similar in concept to Valorant’s one ⁠— simply called the Range ⁠— players will be able to warm up and test their skills with targets to spray down, and a course to run through.

In essence, it’s a replacement to Terrorist Hunt, just with more flexibility in a sandbox rather than being locked into specific situations. Exact features of the Shooting Range, however, will be revealed closer to Operation Vector Glare’s release.

Shooting Range target in Rainbow Six Siege
The Shooting Range should provide a better onboarding experience for new Siege players.

Elite skins for Echo, Castle

There’ll be the usual array of battle passes and cosmetics dropping as part of Operation Vector Glare, but two new Elite skins are reportedly on their way for Echo and Castle.


Echo already has one Elite skin ⁠— Tenkamusou ⁠— but Castle is yet to receive one despite being one of the game’s original 20 Operators.

Echo Tenkamusou elite skin in Rainbow Six Siege
Echo already has an Elite skin in Siege, making his Operation Vector Glare one his second.

Does Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare have a release date?

Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare doesn’t have a locked in release date from Ubisoft, but players should expect the update sometime in May or June 2022 ⁠— three months following the launch of Operation Demon Veil. This will also coincide with the first Major of the year.

We will update you with all the latest Operation Vector Glare leaks and confirmed details as they are made public ahead of Rainbow Six Year 7 Season 2.