Sens revealed as Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare attacker

Andrew Amos

Sens has been revealed as the newest Operator joining Team Rainbow in Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare. The Belgian attacker boasts a gadget designed to cut lines of sight off and make the push onto site that much easier.

Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare is just around the corner, and that means a new Operator is on the cards.

After being leaked months ahead of time, Ubisoft confirmed what most knew on May 21 ⁠— Sens would be the new attacker in Year 7 Season 2.

The Belgian boasts offensive firepower in the form of a new assault rifle, as well as a gadget perfect for pushing onto site without the defenders getting a glimpse of you. Plus, as a diversity-plus, they will also be the first non-binary Operator in Rainbow Six Siege.

Who is Sens in Rainbow Six Siege?

Néon ‘Sens’ Ngoma is the new attacker in Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare and a part of the Wolfguard squad of Team Rainbow.

According to their bio, Sens is a bit of a puzzle-solver. “Bright and imaginative, Ngoma proved invaluable in every task they tackled. They would support their comrades with strategies and technologies to divert enemies’ attention and break down hostile defenses,” it reads.

On the battlefield, they excel at making sure allies can move through areas safely with adequate cover thanks to their unique gadget.

Sens’ R.O.U. Projector System gadget is a little device that rolls out when deployed, leaving a blue projector screen in its path. While you can still shoot through it and even move across it, it blocks line of sight perfectly to mask an attacker’s push. It can also bounce across terrain and cover a fair amount of distance, so don’t underestimate it.

Sens barrier up in Rainbow Six Siege
Sens’ gadget can block long lines of sight and expose defenders who cross it.

They also boast a new assault rifle in the POF-9, which has a large 51-round magazine to spray down defenders with. If that’s not to your liking, there’s also the 417 Marksman Rifle. Secondary-wise Sens can choose between the SDP 9mm and the Gonne-6.

Sens release date in Rainbow Six Siege

Sens is due to launch as part of Rainbow Six Operation Vector Glare on June 14, 2022. The original release date of June 7 was delayed after a “player experience issue” was discovered days before launch.

Their launch comes alongside Siege’s second map in as many seasons, the new Shooting Range, and plenty of balance changes. Read up on Operation Vector Glare here.