Married woman arrested for entering India to find PUBG boyfriend

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A married Pakistani woman has been arrested for illegally entering India to link up with her boyfriend from PUBG.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is a free-to-play battle royale shooter game with a hundred players fighting until their deaths. Over time, the title’s safe area shrinks, which forces players to encounter other users.

Currently, PUBG has sold over 75 million copies on PC and console and collected around $13b in worldwide revenue. The battle royale’s immense popularity has made it the fifth best-selling video game of all time. Meanwhile, the mobile version of the game has exploded and is incredibly popular in its own right.

While most people play PUBG to brag about being the last surviving player, this woman found love during a match. However, these gamers’ love story quickly ended with both parties being arrested.

Married woman arrested for illegally traveling to India


As reported by Yahoo!, a married Pakistani woman traveled with her four children to India to meet a man she connected with on PUBG. 27-year-old Seema Ghulam Haider met 22-year-old Sachin Meena on PUBG in 2019 – when Haider’s husband moved to Saudi Arabia for his job.

Haider is a Pakistani Muslim while Meena is a Hindu Indian, which posed a problem for their relationship due to tensions between the two countries.

“She knew that he was not financially very strong,” Sudhir Kumar, head of the Rabupura police station, said. “She was not impressed by his work, but by his PUBG skills.”

Allegedly, Haider and her four children lived with Meena and his father outside New Delhi for about a month. Recently, authorities arrested Haider for illegally entering India. Also, they arrested Meena and his father for sheltering the family without a visa.

On July 8, a local court granted bail to all three people arrested because Haider had not entered India “with any wrong intention.” Haider and Meena are hoping to get married with the help of the Indian government.

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