Save up to 34% with this LG C2 OLED TV Prime Day deal

Sayem Ahmed
LG C2 OLED TV on blue background with "Prime Day" lettering

Looking for a killer OLED TV Prime Day deal? You could save up to 34% on a stellar LG C2 OLED TV right now, the cheapest it has ever been.

When it comes to playing games on PC or consoles like the PS5 or Xbox Series devices, you’ll want a good TV that will be able to reproduce colors, have a fast refresh rate, and great speakers to boot. Well, luckily for you, LG has discounted the stellar C2 OLED TV to their lowest-ever prices this Prime Day.

Coming in various different sizes from 42 inches all the way to 83 inches, we think that the sweet spot for many will be in the 55-inch range. Observing the pricing trends for the TV also tells us that the C2 OLED has never been this cheap before, likely to make way for next-generation TVs that rate to come to market.

You can save 34% on the 42-inch model, while the 55-inch version sits at 27% off. Despite these differences in pricing, you’ll be getting a killer offer, no matter which size you pick for this deal.

Why you should pick an OLED for your next TV

lg c1

I’ve been an OLED owner for around a year and a half, with the older LG C1. Sporting features like HDMI 2.1 for 4K gaming at high refresh rates, in addition to having a nice and bright HDR setting makes this TV absolutely pop. For those wanting to watch the latest TV shows and movies, the OLED panel has a near-infinite contrast ratio, allowing for blacks to come through as a “true” black, rather than a simple shade of grey, as seen on most other TV sets. Watching films like Dune or Blade Runner never looked this good, even in a cinema.

With a lovely premium-looking stand and an impossibly thin design, the OLED evo panel of the C2 gets even brighter than the one I have used, and that will only serve to further improve the experience even more.

Burn-in is pretty much a thing of the past on modern OLED panels, with pixel cleaning features that will be able to refresh your panel, so long as you’re not always just running Windows on it, or keeping it on for days at a time. While burn-in can occur, this will only likely be due to irresponsible usage, and the TV is able to mitigate most of that through its screen-saving features which kick in automatically anyway.

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