The LG C1 is down to its lowest price ever in shocking pricecut

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The LG C1 TV is without a doubt, one of the best TVs at the moment. An OLED, 120Hz panel with HDR makes it one of the best-looking screens you can game on, with VRR support.

The best TV right now is the LG C1. There, it’s said. Now, Amazon has reduced it to its lowest price ever. It’s reduced by a total of 47%, saving you a whopping $703 on an extraordinary TV.

So, what makes it worth the price? Well, the panel is incredibly color accurate, used in some color grading and production houses to provide a great image when editing video, now imagine that with your games and movies. Yeah, your mind has just been pre-blown. If the color grading weirdos are happy with a TV, you know it’s good.

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The full 4K image with 120Hz on the LG C1 doesn’t hurt either, as it’ll make your Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5 games pop at much higher refresh rates than your typical consumer television. For those on PC, don’t fret, as there’s a dedicated PC mode to ensure that your image doesn’t come out looking strange in any capacity.

It’s also handy that the LG C1 comes with a bounty of ports, including four HDMI 2.1 and one with eARC, USB 2.0 for media files, ethernet and a headphone jack. HDMI 2.1 is still a rare find in some consumer TVs, and the fact this year-old TV sports four of them is incredible.

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It also supports variable refresh rates as well, allowing your consoles to provide the best kind of performance without the TV freaking out. The image is incredibly smooth is only rivalled by its much more expensive bigger brother, the LG C2.

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While maybe a little bit deeper of a dive than usually expected in a post like this, we do have to mention why the image will look incredibly smooth. Black Frame Insertion is a mode that the LG C1 can use to provide a far smoother picture than regular TVs can. Rather than displaying every single frame of say, a box moving across the TV with light, it flickers in a black frame for a fraction of a second, giving you the ultimate smoothness when viewing games.

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This additional benefit means those who like to play retro games, but don’t have access to their CRT TVs anymore, can get a more accurate depiction while emulating or even upscaling their classic console through to HDMI.

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