Get 50% off a 43-inch Samsung gaming monitor in this unmissable early Prime Day deal

Sayem Ahmed
Samsung monitors on Prime Day banner with blue background

Looking for an early Prime Day gaming monitor deal? It doesn’t get much better than 50% off this Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 gaming monitor at half price, and here’s why.

Amazon Prime Day is approaching fast, and despite the incoming onslaught of deals, we’ve managed to find one of the best offers on the website right now. The best part? It doesn’t really matter if you’re a PC or console gamer. This gaming monitor has something for absolutely everyone, and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket, either.

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 is more TV-sized than monitor-sized, coming in at a staggering 43 inches. At half-price, the monitor has reached its lowest-ever price point. Meaning that there’s a true deal to be had here. The offer seems to be available at both Amazon and Samsung’s storefronts, too. The monitor gets slashed from $999.99 to just $499.99. Given all of the features that the display boasts, this really is a killer offer.

This monitor is fantastic for both PC and console gamers

Oddysey Neo G7 on a black and white background

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 boasts a gargantuan 43-inch MiniLED display, which is packed with features like a full 4K resolution, a 144Hz refresh rate, and even HDR600. But, it doesn’t stop there. It has a feature that even some of the highest-end gaming monitors get wrong. The ace up the Odyssey Neo G7’s sleeve is something named HDMI 2.1. This will allow you to connect your PS5 or Xbox Series console to the display, and get a high resolution, high refresh rate experience.

Not only that, but this is also a rare gaming monitor which also has speakers built-in. With full support for VRR modes, you’ll also be able to play competitive shooters like Warzone or Fortnite at 144Hz without having to splash out for a gaming PC.

It’s unlikely that you will find a better-value gaming monitor deal when Prime Day finally rolls around, so don’t be afraid to pull the trigger now and pick up this stellar offer.

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