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Zarude finally coming to Pokemon Sword & Shield outside Japan

Published: 13/Nov/2020 4:42 Updated: 13/Nov/2020 14:20

by Paul Cot


The release of Zarude in Pokemon Sword and Shield has been somewhat of an ongoing saga in the world of Pokemon. Trainers in Japan had to wait long enough and now it’s finally making its way to Europe.

Believe it or not Zarude was first announced all the way back in February. It was supposed to be released alongside the Pokemon Movie: Coco but this was delayed due to a worldwide health crisis (you may have heard about it).

Subsequently that movie got delayed until December 25, 2020 – yes, it isn’t even out yet! As a result of the delay, it was decided Zarude would be released when trainers pre-ordered a ticket for the movie.


That’s in Japan only, though. The rest of the world are still waiting for it – until now.

Zarude Pokemon
Pokemon Company
Zarude was first revealed on Pokemon Day 2020…

Distributions in the US, UK and more

It has been announced that a new distribution is coming for Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Trainers who purchase the new Pokemon Trading Card Game Vivid Voltage set will get a serial code to get Zarude in Sword and Shield.

This runs from November 13 for exactly one month until December 13. It is also available online from December 1.


Since then other countries have been announced, and here is the full list, as per Serebii:

  • US – Through the Pokémon Trainers Club Newsletter. Sign up by November 20th to receive it in December
  • UK – GAME Stores (where open), GAME Online store soon
  • Germany – Gamestop – In-Store now, Online from December 1st
  • Austria, Switzerland – Gamestop – In-Store now
  • Italy – Gamestop
  • Belgium, Netherlands – GameMania – Sign up on their website, codes sent out every Friday
  • France – Micromania – Sign up on their website to get a code
  • Portugal – FNAC Stores
  • Ireland – Gamestop Website

Many of you may have come across Zarude already. Unless this was from a friendly trainer from Japan though, who happened to decide to give away their one Zarude, it was almost certainly hacked.


We appreciate most of you will be reading this from countries outside of these three. Unfortunately there isn’t any time frame as to when other countries can expect Zarude to release.

Given the dark/grass type Mythical Pokemon has reached the shores of Europe, we don’t expect it to be too much longer for trainers to wait.