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Pokemon Sword & Shield players outraged over new Zarude form

Published: 10/Nov/2020 21:08

by Brent Koepp


Sword & Shield players became frustrated when it was announced that Japan is getting a new exclusive version of Legendary Pokemon Zarude.

The Pokemon franchise’s next theatrical film Coco is set to make its debut in Japan on December 25. The movie heavily features new Sword & Shield Legendary Zarude. 

However, players were surprised when it was revealed on November 10 that Japanese fans will be getting a second special version of Zarude that features an exclusive design.


zarude in pokemon movie
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
A new version of Zarude is coming to Sword & Shield.

New Zarude Pokemon given out in Japan

The Grass/Dark-type Legendary made its debut back in August as a promotional tie-in with the Coco film. Players who bought tickets to the movie were able to redeem Zarude in Sword & Shield. While this was Japan only, codes began to sell online.

On November 10, The Pokemon Company revealed that Japanese fans will be also getting another Zarude for attending theaters in December. The new version features the simian Pokemon wearing a pink scarf which has Celebi on it.

“It has been reported an in-theater distribution for Pokémon the Movie Coco, starting when the movie drops in Japan in theaters on December 25th 2020. This distribution will be of “Dada” Zarude, a form of Zarude with a Celebi cape, as seen in the movie Coco,” popular outlet Serebii posted. 


The surprise announcement didn’t go well with some players, who felt it was unfair that Japan is getting an exclusive monster. One user wrote, “This must stop, the world is connected via the net far more than ever. These exclusive pokemon events need to end.”

Other fans were frustrated because they had already spent money on buying the first Zarude promo code. “…so I spent money on a zarude code n they pull this sh*t,” another player tweeted out.

It should be pointed out that it hasn’t been clear yet whether this exclusive version of Zarude will ONLY be released in Japan. The Legendary promo could be given out in other countries when Coco eventually gets more release dates.


If history is anything to go by, it would be extremely rare for this to only remain in Japan. So Sword & Shield players will waiting to get their hands on the new Grass/Dark-type Pokemon will have to hang tight a little longer.