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Pokemon Sword & Shield players receive hacked Zarude from livestreams

Published: 7/Aug/2020 18:56 Updated: 8/Aug/2020 13:22

by Brent Koepp


Sword & Shield’s latest Legendary Pokemon Zarude has finally arrived. However, some players are receiving hacked versions of the Dark/Grass type monster from streamers giving them out as gifts. 

The latest Pokemon movie, Coco, is set to hit theaters in late 2020. To celebrate, Game Freak is giving out codes for Zarude and a shiny Celebi to those who pre-order tickets for the film. Unfortunately, the promotion is only available in Japan at this current time.


However, some fans who are eager to get their hands on the newest Sword & Shield monster are reportedly being given hacked versions of the character during streams and surprise trades. Here’s what you need to know about how to tell if the ‘mon is legitimate.

shiny celebi zarude promo pokemon sword shield
The Pokemon Company / Game Freak
A shiny Celebi and Zarude was given out to those who pre-ordered tickets to the next Pokemon movie.

Hacked Zarude given out during Pokemon streams

While Coco is still months away from release, the film’s promotional giveaway launched on August 7. Those who pre-ordered tickets to see the movie were given a serial code which could be redeemed in Sword & Shield for Zarude as well as a shiny Celebi.


The giveaway is for Japan only, and most retail locations required the buyer to go in person to physically get the code. However according to Pokemon outlet Serebii, players began reporting that Zarudes were being given out for free during livestreams. Only problem is, they aren’t legitimate.

Serebii’s webmaster Joe Merrick first reported the discovery on August 7, explaining that “various streamers are sending people shiny Celebi/Zarude with Master Balls attached, some apparently saying the event comes with them. They do not. Celebi has a lucky Egg, Zarude Leftovers.” The tweet then warned users that “if they send you one with a Master Ball, it is almost certainly hacked.”

Others began to report receiving the Legendary ‘mon during surprise trades. Many of them are hacked versions as the character has now been duplicated after official release. The best way insure your Zarude is legit is to buy from a Japanese website, or to buy a serial code for the characters from somebody in Japan rather than getting them in a trade.

pokemon coco movie zarude
The Pokemon Company
Zarude is heavily featured in the upcoming Pokemon film Coco.

Some telltale signs that your Zarude and shiny Celebi are legit is that they should come in a Cherish Ball and be at least level 60. If you are going to buy a code on sites like eBay, make sure you buy a serial code and that the seller has a good rating.

Players lucky enough to get their hands on the Legendary monsters can also score Ash Ketchum’s cap in Sword & Shield by visiting the professor at the Isle of Armor’s train station. At the time of writing, there is still no word as to when North America will be getting the promotion.


Logan Paul mindblown after pulling rare Pokemon cards worth $3000

Published: 1/Oct/2020 13:11

by Jacob Hale


Logan Paul has become an avid Pokemon card collector throughout the latter half of 2020, and treated fans of his Impaulsive podcast to watch him open a rare pack, the contents of which he was delighted with.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game originally got going in 1999 and now, over two decades later, is worth more than ever, with rare cards making sellers hundreds of thousands of dollars if they’ve kept their collection in good condition.


He recently revealed some of the collection he had been building up, including a first edition shadowless Charizard that could fetch anywhere between $40,000 to $60,000 at auction.

Letting his fans into the hobby, Logan opted to buy a pack of Base Set trading cards for $500 online and opened it live on Impaulsive.

Logan Paul 1st edition Charizard
Instagram: loganpaul
Logan’s 1st edition Charizard is a prized possession.

Obviously, when you’re spending $500 on a single pack of cards, you’ve got to be pretty hopeful of the results, but Paul insisted he always gets his rarest cards from the seller he bought it from.

So, he opened them and revealed each card one-by-one, including a Squirtle which he expects to fetch around $200-300, perhaps more as he believes it to have a PSA grade of 10 — or, the best condition it could possibly be.

Alongside the regular Energy cards and some more Pokemon such as Gastly and Poliwhirl, Paul also packed a Blastoise, again expecting it to be PSA graded 10/10, which he says should fetch around $2500 — meaning the total value of the individual cards could fetch around $3000 if his valuations are correct.


Obviously, the valuations may be slightly off, but Logan has at least made his money back for this pack — and if he’s made a profit then more power to him.

There’s some serious money to be made in the Pokemon Trading Card Game now, especially as it enjoys somewhat of a resurgence of late, so it might be worth digging out those old cards and see what you’ve got laying around: you never know how much money you could be sitting on.