YouTuber Leonhart loses it after pulling $75k Charizard Pokemon card live

YouTube: Leonhart / The Pokemon Company

YouTuber Leonhart lost it on stream after pulling a Shadowless Charizard Pokemon card on the last pack. The insanely rare Base Set Pokemon Trading Card Game collectible is worth up to $75,000.

With millions of subscribers to his channel, Lee ‘Leonhart‘ Steinfeld has largely become the face of Pokemon cards on YouTube. Fans of the Nintendo series flock to the 34-year-old’s videos to see him chase after the TCG’s rarest collectibles.

The content creator got what some fans are calling the “luckiest pull of all time” during his livestream on October 30. The collector scored one of the rarest Charizard cards worth thousands on his last pack during the broadcast.

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Pokemon YouTuber Leonhart opens Shadowless Charizard Card during livestreamYouTube: Leonhart
The Pokemon YouTuber lost it after pulling a Shadowless Charizard in front of viewers.

YouTuber Leonhart goes wild after pulling rare Charizard Pokemon card

The YouTuber only had three packs left after opening a Base Set booster box which had been sealed since 1999. After an hour and a half of misses, things were looking grim for the content creator pulling the beloved Fire-type starter.

Leonhart was floored, however, after he managed to pull the Shadowless Charizard on his final pack. “A CHARIZARD IN THE LAST PACK!” the Pokemon fan screamed in a pure moment of happiness.

“Oh God, I’ve got to stop. I’m about to faint here,” he said, shaking, before containing himself long enough to sleeve and secure the card safely. “A Charizard in the last pack for the first time in history, my friends!”

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(Charizard pull happens at 1:22:54)

After letting the moment soak in, Leonhart became shocked by his insane luck. “Oh my gosh. You can’t write this better, my friends. I’m going to faint. I’m going to faint. A Shadowless Charizard,” he said. The vintage Nintendo collectible is notably rare due to being a limited early print where there is no shadow around the border of the holographic.

The Pokemon YouTuber revealed during the stream that the Base Set box he opened originally came from a Wizards of the Coast employee and has been sealed since 1999. As far as the value itself? A PSA graded 10 version of the Shadowless Charizard sold for over $75,000 at a PWCC auction in 2021.

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