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Pokemon YouTuber Leonhart loses it over rare vintage Mewtwo card pull

Published: 13/Jun/2020 23:25 Updated: 14/Jun/2020 2:55

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon YouTuber Lee ‘Leonhart’ Steinfeld was overwhelmed with excitement when he pulled a vintage Mewtwo card worth over $1,000. The popular Trading Card Game collector was floored over his latest find.

Leonhart is one of the top Pokemon channels on YouTube, as fans of the beloved Nintendo RPG tune in to see him open up vintage TCG packs. The personality has gone viral in the past, such as when he found a Charizard card worth up to $55k.

During his June 13 upload, the collector opened Neo Destiny sets that originally released in 2002. Much to his surprise, he ended up pulling a card which can be worth thousands of dollars depending on the grade.

YouTube: Leonhart
The YouTuber opened up Pokemon cards from 2002.

Pokemon YouTuber pulls rare Mewtwo card

The YouTuber often opens up classic booster packs for his viewers, some them worth up to $200 or more as the vintage cards sealed are becoming harder to find. During his latest upload, Leonhart picked randomly from a Neo Destiny Set.

The Pokemon collector was opening up his very last pack, when the final card was none other than a Shining Mewtwo. The personality lost it and immediately screamed “Oh my goodness!” as his mouth hung open in complete shock.

Still reeling, the YouTube personality yelled out, “We did it! A Shining Mewtwo!? Are you kidding me!? With some ultimate last pack magic, a Shining Mewtwo has been pulled!”

(Topic starts at 20:55.)

With vintage Pokemon cards, the value goes up substantially if they are graded by a company like PSA or Beckett, and many factors determine what the score will be on a scale from one to 10.

According to the personality, the image centering on both the front and back of his Shining Mewtwo looks pristine. Meaning it could fetch an eye-popping amount of over $1,000.

YouTube: Leonhart
The Pokemon YouTuber was floored by the rare Mewtwo card he pulled.

Leonhart continues to be one of the strongest voices for Pokemon on YouTube, as viewers flock to relive their childhoods while watching him hunt down the rarest of TCG finds.

At the time of writing, he’s amassed over 900 thousand subscribers to his channel. On his road to a million followers, the star continues to open classic card packs that most could only dream of obtaining.


Trainwrecks’ generosity backfires after Ludwig scores $10k Pokemon card

Published: 24/Nov/2020 1:42

by Brent Koepp


Smash Melee star Ludwig Ahgren sent a Pokemon card Twitch stream into a meltdown when he pulled a 1st Edition Dragonite worth up to $10k. The gaming pro scored the rare collectible after streamer Trainwreckstv gave him the pack.

Pokemon cards have taken over platforms such as YouTube and Twitch as viewers flock to see their favorite personalities chase after the rarest Nintendo collectibles.

A live Trading Card Game box opening hosted by streamer Mizkif and his org One True King went off the rails on November 22 when Smash pro Ludwig scored a rare Dragonite that could have been Trainwrecks’.

Twitch streamers react to Dragonite card during Pokemon broadcast.
Twitch: Mizkif
A rare Dragonite was pulled during the One True King Pokemon card stream.

Ludwig scores rare Pokemon card from 1999

The Pokemon TCG has seen a major explosion in value in 2020. Cards once traded for nothing on school playgrounds decades ago can now sell for as much as a house. The hobby has also become a major hit on sites like Twitch, with streamers buying sealed booster boxes from the 90s to open live for viewers.

On November 22, Twitch star Mizkif broke open 1st Edition sealed packs from the 1999 Fossil set. Those attending the event lost their minds when pro gamer Ludwig scored a 1st Edition Dragonite after streamer Trainwreckstv gave his pack to him.

The moment went viral due to the Twitch personality’s generosity backfiring. “Dude I swear to God if I said no to this pack to be fair and nice and its a good pack I want it back. Ludgwig, if this is good it’s my pack. If it’s bad, it’s your pack,” he exclaimed moments before the card was pulled. Unfortunately, the booster he passed on contained the exact rare holographic he was chasing after.

After the excitement settled, the group felt bad for Train’s incredibly bad luck. Although the popular Twitch star wasn’t too bitter about it, laughing it off on Twitter. If nothing else, he should be applauded for his generosity.

According to recent sales of the item, a 1st Edition Dragonite can sell anywhere from $8k to 9.7k depending on the grading. Luckily for Ludwig, the item looked incredibly pristine, giving him a good chance at a PSA 10 grading.