Pokemon TCG gets Post Malone & Katy Perry cards and fans are furious

Post Malone Pokemon Concert image next to Katy Perry Pokemon CardGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon fans were outraged after it was revealed that pop stars Katy Perry & Post Malone are getting their own official Pokemon cards. The special Trading Card Game promos have some Nintendo collectors angry.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, The Pokemon Company teamed up with chart-topping artists such as Mabel and Lil Yachty to create songs inspired by the beloved Game Freak franchise.

However, Nintendo fans were shocked on October 16 when it was revealed that Post Malone, Katy Perry, and J Balvin are also getting their own official Pokemon cards as part of the P25 Music project, and it’s become a hot topic in the community with some even outraged over it.

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Pokemon P25 Music Poster featuring Katy Perry & Post MaloneGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
The chart-topping artists got their very own Pokemon cards.

Post Malone & Katy Perry Pokemon cards spark backlash

While the P25 Music project has been months in the making, the collaboration surprised fans when several of the participating artists were also made canon in the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

On the official website, images were uploaded showing off the Katy Perry, Post Malone, and J Balvin cards. The rare promos are based on the Sword & Shield expansion’s V holos.

The collectors items feature each singer drawn by legendary TCG artists Yuu Nishida, Naoki Saito, and nagimiso. The announcement immediately sparked mixed reactions, with some fans not pleased with their existence.

Katy Perry & Post Malone Pokemon CardsThe Pokemon Company
Post Malone, Katy Perry, and J Balvin became official Pokemon cards.

“I thought this was a joke…yikes,” a fan wrote in disbelief. Another agreed and asked, “Respectfully, who the f**k would want these?”

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“God I hate these,” said another. One player who hated the artwork even exclaimed, “Please bleach my eyes.”

Angry Pokemon fans tweet about Post Malone & Katy Perry Pokemon Cards

There were even TCG players who threatened to quit the hobby over the celebrity crossover.

“Is this weird to anyone else?” someone questioned. A Pokemon fan responded, “Yup. After 20 years of fandom, I am officially done with these money-grabbing goober. Enjoy the sell out!”

Upset Pokemon Card collectors react to Post Malone & Katy Perry Pokemon Cards

It should be pointed out that at the time of writing, it’s not been made clear whether these will be officially released to the public. On Instagram, The Pokemon Company posted a picture of J Balvin’s card, which means they have been physically printed.

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There is speculation that these rare promos may have only been created and sent to the actual artists. So only time will tell if these eventually are sold or included as promos that collectors can obtain. Although based on the reactions so far, some fans will definitely be skipping the collaboration.