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How to get Stonjourner in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Published: 24/Sep/2020 10:00

by James Busby


Stonjourner is one of the latest rock Pokemon to join Gamefreak’s ever-growing roster. If you’re struggling to find this Stonehenge inspired ‘mon, then check out our location guide for all the info. 

Rock Pokemon often boast impressive defensive and offensive stats, giving players the best of both worlds when it comes to battling. While Stonjourner may not have any evolutionary paths, it does have access to Dynamax and can learn some incredibly strong moves. Despite its overall size, Stonjourner is known to use its gigantic legs to deliver a speedy combination of devastating kicks.

While it may not be the most popular Pokemon in the series, it’s still a required catch for those that want to complete the Pokedex. Fortunately, our handy guide will outline exactly you can claim your own Stonjourner in Pokemon Sword and Shield. 


Where to find Stonjourner in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Stonjourner location Pokemon Sword
Game Freak / Pokemon Company
Stonjounrer is rather elusive in Pokemon Sword.

Unfortunately, owners of Pokemon Shield will have to trade for Stonjourner if they wish to complete the Pokedex. Those of you with Pokemon Sword can find Stonjourner in Route 10 and Lake of Outrage. Route 10 has a 2% chance of spawning a Stonjouner no matter the weather, while Intense Sun and Sandstorm weather is needed to catch it at Lake Outrage.

We recommend heading over to Lake Outrage during a Sandstorm as you’ll have a 5% chance of encountering this rock-type in the grassy areas. Due to its low spawn rate, it’s often best to reset the weather conditions until you get a Sandstorm. 


To do this, hit the HOME button and navigate over to the Switch system menu. From here, you’ll be able to access the date and time settings. Once you’ve selected this option, simply advance the date by one day and then head back over to the game. The weather should instantly change and new Pokemon will appear.

Max Raid Battles

  • Giant’s Seat
  • Rolling Fields
  • Stony Wilderness

Catching Stonjourner

Stonjourner Pokemon Sword battle
Game Freak / Pokemon Company
Take extra care when fighting Stonjourner as it could be a while before you encounter another one.

Stonjouner’s low spawn rates can make finding this Pokemon rather tricky, so you’ll want to take extra care when battling this particular ‘mon. Just like with our other Pokemon location guides, we recommend using a party member that has False Swipe. 


While this particular move’s effectiveness may be halved due to Stonjourner’s rock typing, it will stop you from defeating it in battle. After all, there’s nothing worse than having to spend even more time searching for a low spawn rate Pokemon, particularly when you’ve spent hours trying to find it. 

If you don’t have a False Swipe Pokemon in your party, then simply use a weaker ‘mon and avoid utilizing water, grass, ground, and steel-type moves. This will stop you from landing any super-effective moves that would otherwise lead to an incredibly quick KO.

Stonjourner may have a relatively low spawn rate for a common Pokemon, but its 60% capture rate does make it one of the easier critters to catch. Standard Poke balls should do the trick, so don’t bother wasting any of the game’s more coveted balls unless you want to speed up the process. 


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