What is Re-Snap in New Pokemon Snap? Photo editing mode explained

new pokemon snap re-snap modeThe Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco

New Pokemon Snap on Nintendo Switch is full to the brim with new features that weren’t included in the original 1999 N64 game – Re-Snap being one of them. But what is the photo editing mode and how do you use it?

For both longtime fans and newcomers, New Pokemon Snap promises to be a welcomed addition to the series while we wait for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl to release sometime in late 2021. Set in the Lental region, players will help Professor Mirror research the Illumina phenomenon by taking photographs.

Unlike the original Nintendo 64 title, the Switch game allows you to edit and re-touch your snapshots after taking them to make them even better in a new mode called Re-Snap. Want to cut out an unwanted creature in the background or add a funny sticker? Now you can.

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alolan raichu in new pokemon snapThe Pokemon Company
There are over 200 Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon Snap: Re-Snap mode

After finishing a course and Professor Mirror gives your photographs a score, you’ll be given the option to edit and re-touch your new pictures in Re-Snap. This is where the magic happens.

There are many options in the mode that you can use to make your photos look the best they can be: Brightness, Blur, Focus Size, Focal Point, Filter, Caption, Zoom, and Rotate. All can be adjusted meticulously with sliders to ensure no detail is left out.

Snapped the wrong monster? You can even zoom in on a creature that’s in the background if you’d prefer them to be the main focus of your image. No redo needed!

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new pokemon snap Resnap photo editing modeThe Pokemon Company
You can edit your snaps to your heart’s content.

After you’ve made your desired edits, you’ll then be given a choice to add even more flair by using Frames and Stickers. This is the part that’s the most fun as you can be as serious or as silly as you want to be.

Want to stick some sunglasses on Pikachu? Go for it! Think your Bellossom pic would look great with a leaf Frame around it? The possibilities truly are endless here.

When you’re satisfied with your creations, you can either keep them to yourself or share them with the world using New Pokemon Snap’s Online Mode. For everything we know about the feature, check out our detailed guide here.

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new pokemon snap re-snap modeThe Pokemon Company
You can make your edits as funny as you’d like.

Re-touched photos are kept in a separate album, meaning you don’t have to worry about your hilarious edits being included amongst all the serious research shots in your Photodex.

New Pokemon Snap releases on April 30 on Nintendo Switch. For information about how to pre-order your copy, including free bonuses, check out our guide here.