Trainers react to Pokemon Go July Research Breakthrough reward

Paul Cot

The Pokemon Go July Research Breakthrough reward has been revealed. After some hit and miss rewards, it looks Niantic have upped the ante with Larvitar, although not all trainers agree.

It will feature between July 1, 1pm PDT (4pm EDT and 9pm BST) until August 1, 1pm PDT (4pm EDT and 9pm BST). As usual there will be a chance to get hold of its Shiny form, too. Who wouldn’t want to a Shiny Larvitar!

Larvitar is by no means comparable to the Legendary Pokemon of yesteryear but is arguably the best we’ve seen in 2020. The Rock Skin Pokemon previously featured as the Community Day headliner all the way back in June of 2018.

Nevertheless, the initial reaction from trainers has been positive. It follows on from Trapinch in May (another former CD Pokemon) which trainers were far from pleased to see.

Larvitar, due partly to its pseudo-legendary status, is a fan favorite among Pokemon trainers. Its final evolution, Tyranitar, is effective in the Pokemon Go meta and even has a unique typing, something only a handful of Pokemon have.

Tyranitar Pokemon Go Infographic
Tyranitar is a useful species to have in your Pokemon Go arsenal…

Where’s the extra Larvitar Candy?

Trainers have grown accustomed to their Pokemon Go Research Breakthrough rewards coming with extra candy. Trapinch did in June and Shinx did before that in May.

This has left some trainers disappointed Larvitar won’t – unless Niantic forgot to mention that it would in their announcement post. “So you’ll give us bonus candy for [Trapinch] and Shinx but we get none for Larvitar which has a lot more use,” Liam shared on Twitter.

The reasoning behind this apparent decision may have been in Liam’s tweet. Larvitar (Tyranitar) is a lot more useful in Pokemon Go than either Trapinch or Shinx – that could well be the reason why.

Wanting a Legacy Move is ambitious

Elsewhere, another trainer was disappointed the Larvitar line won’t come with a Legacy Move. Phin sarcastically suggested we get Magikarp next month: “So Larvitar w/o legacy move? Great. This is exactly what we wanted. Maybe next month we can get Magikarp if we’re lucky.”

Don’t give Niantic any ideas Phin. Maybe they’ll do Magikarp with a Legacy Move – that would keep everyone happy, right? Meanwhile other trainers still haven’t accepted we won’t be getting anymore Legendary Pokemon.

Legendary Pokemon are so last year

The last time we saw one was the bumper combination of Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Kyogre and Groudon back in December of 2019. “Larvitar…. could’ve been worse I guess but still.. we want legendaries,” Mariana tweeted. It doesn’t seem like they’re returning anytime soon, Mariana.

Despite the negative feedback from some trainers, Larvitar isn’t a bad Research Breakthrough at all. If it weren’t for the history of Legendary Pokemon, trainers would likely be very pleased with it.

The Armor Pokemon has rounded stats, a very interesting typing which makes it hit and miss against a variety of types and has decent moves if you choose wisely. It is definitely worth getting a good one for Raid Battles and is even competitive in GO Battle League.