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Pokemon Go: Which Pokemon have unique dual typings?

Published: 30/Jun/2020 23:00

by Paul Cot


A Pokemon’s type is of vital importance in the world of Pokemon. Here we take a look at which species have a unique typing.

These dual Pokemon will be looked at through the lens of Pokemon Go. So, any ‘mons that are currently unreleased in the mobile game won’t be included.

However, we also won’t include any species we know share a dual typing with Pokemon from generations five or above. By that logic, the Heracross line from Gen 2 won’t be included as there is also a bug/fighting type in Gen 7 – the Buzzwole line.

List of Pokemon with unique dual types

The following Pokemon all have a dual typing that no other species can claim:


  • Bibarel – normal/water
  • Heatran – fire/steel
  • Empoleon – water/steel
  • Chinchou, Lantern – electric/water
  • Stunfisk – electric/ground
  • Alolan Raichu – electric/psychic
  • Snover, Abomasnow – grass/ice
  • Torterra – grass/ground
  • Swinub, Piloswine, Mamoswine – ice/ground
  • Froslass – ghost/ice
  • Sneasel, Weavile – dark/ice
  • Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Sandslash – ice/steel
  • Alolan Ninetales – ice/fairy
  • Croagunk, Toxicroak – fighting/poison
  • Zubat, Golbat, Crobat – flying/poison
  • Galarian Weezing – fairy/poison
  • Baltoy, Claydol – ground/psychic
  • Togetic, Togekiss – flying/fairy
  • Alolan Geodude, Alolan Graveler, Alolan Golem – rock/electric
  • Lileep, Cradily – grass/rock
  • Terrakion – fighting/rock
  • Tyranitar – dark/rock
  • Shedinja – bug/ghost

Best dual typings – which have double resistances?

There are certainly a few takeaways from this list. In any Pokemon battle you want to have as few weaknesses and as much resistance as possible.


The Gen 4 legend has a fascinating dual typing in fire and steel. Fire is a weakness of steel but having both of them removes it.

However, this now makes it extra vulnerable to ground attacks. They will do 256% of their usual damage so it goes without saying to avoid them at all costs.

Steel types are generally highly sought after in battles as they have so many resistances – 11 in total. While Heatran’s typing reduces that number, it does increase the amount of double resistances it has.


It has six double resistances – bug, fairy, grass, ice, poison and steel – which to our knowledge is an unbeaten amount. That alone should make you think very hard about getting Heatran on your team as soon as possible.


Laturn may not be close to Heatran in terms of power and stature but is another interesting dual typing. This alleviates two of these types traditional weaknesses – electric and ice, leaving just grass and ground.

It also has double resistance to steel (which can always prove useful in Pokemon Go) alongside fire, flying, ice and water attacks. Lanturn isn’t strong enough to compete anywhere but Great League in GO Battle League which unfortunately negates the impressive advantage it has over steel types. These are more commonly seen in the higher tier leagues.


Togekiss Type
Pokemon Fandom
Togekiss has so much going for it in Pokemon Go!


Much has been made of Togekiss’ surprising strength in GO Battle League. It even made our guide on how to defeat the toughest species in Pokemon Go.

Part of its appeal is its dual typing of fairy and flying. While this does leave it with five weaknesses in electric, ice, poison, rock and steel, it does have six resistances, four of which are double. Bug, dragon, fighting and ground moves will all do only 39% of their normal damage.

When you compare this to a pure fairy type such as Clefable, it becomes very apparent just how useful a dual typing of fairy and flying is.


Alolan Sandslash

The Alolan form of Sandslash is a Pokemon that often flies under the radar. It is a dual ice and steel type.

Pure ice types on their own aren’t particularly desirable. Their only resistance is ice moves while remaining weak to fighting, fire, rock and steel.

However, when you combine steel and ice together, it becomes a far better option. You get nine resistances, of which ice and poison are doubly resistant.

In addition to this, you take away a weakness, although this does come at the expense of fire and fighting becoming doubly strong against it. Alolan Sandslash can certainly be considered as an option but its max CP puts at an awkward place between Great and Ultra League.


There will be plenty more unique dual types to consider as more generations are added to Pokemon Go.