Pokemon Go XP chart – How to get to Level 40 quickly

Published: 30/Jun/2020 0:35

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Go trainers will know the importance of XP but some of you may not fully understand how it works. XP is required to go up  levels in the mobile game which, among other things, allows to control higher level Pokemon.

Each level you go through on Pokemon Go, the XP requirement increases to reach the next one. This means it is exponentially harder to increase your rank as you get closer to the final level of 40.

For example, to go from Level 1 to 2 it takes 1,000 XP, 10 to 11 you’ll need 10,000 XP and 30 to 31 will require a massive 500,000 XP. To put this in perspective when you reach Level 35 you’re not even one third of the way through reaching Level 40.

Naturally, this system allows new Pokemon Go players to ascend the levels relatively quickly while providing experienced players a challenge to reach the summit of level 40. This is why, despite days of playtime, many trainers linger around the Level 30 mark.

How much XP is needed for each level?

The table below shows exactly how much XP is needed to increase in level.

Level XP to reach next level Total XP
1 0 0
2 1,000 1,000
3 2,000 3,000
4 3,000 6,000
5 4,000 10,000
6 5,000 15,000
7 6,000 21,000
8 7,000 28,000
9 8,000 36,000
10 9,000 45,000
11 10,000 55,000
12 10,000 65,000
13 10,000 75,000
14 10,000 85,000
15 15,000 100,000
16 20,000 120,000
17 20,000 140,000
18 20,000 160,000
19 25,000 185,000
20 25,000 210,000
21 50,000 260,000
22 75,000 335,000
23 100,000 435,000
24 125,000 560,000
25 150,000 710,000
26 190,000 900,000
27 200,000 1,100,000
28 250,000 1,350,000
29 300,000 1,650,000
30 350,000 2,000,000
31 500,000 2,500,000
32 500,000 3,000,000
33 750,000 3,750,000
34 1,000,000 4,750,000
35 1,250,000 6,000,000
36 1,500,000 7,500,000
37 2,000,000 9,500,000
38 2,500,000 12,000,000
39 3,000,000 15,000,000
40 5,000,000 20,000,000

How much XP does each activity earn?

Some trainers will be happy to progress through the Pokemon Go ranks naturally but others may be determined to reach the Level 40 pinnacle as soon as possible. If you’re part of the latter camp then you’ll need to know the quickest way to gain XP.

Listed below are all the activities in Pokemon Go that result in obtaining XP.


Curveball bonus 10
Nice throw bonus 10
Pokemon ran away 25
One throw bonus 50
Great throw bonus 50
Catch 100th Pokemon of same species 100
Catch Pokemon 100
Excellent throw bonus 100
Catch new Pokemon 500


Spin enemy gym (badgeless) 25
Spin friendly gym (badgeless) 31
Spin Pokestop 50
Spin enemy gym (bronze) 50
Spin friendly gym (bronze) 63
Spin enemy gym (silver) 75
Spin friendly gym (silver) 94
Spin enemy gym (gold) 100
10 Unique Pokestops bonus 100
Spin friendly gym (gold) 125
First spin of new Pokestop 250

Egg hatching and evolving

Hatch egg (2km) 200
Hatch egg (5km) 500
Evolve a Pokemon 500
Hatch egg (10km) 1000

Daily bonuses

First Pokestop of the day 500
First Pokemon catch of the day 500
Seven consecutive daily Pokestop spins bonus 2500
Seven consecutive daily catches bonus 2500

Raid battles

Complete tier 1 raid 3000
Complete tier 2 raid 3500
Complete tier 3 raid 4000
Complete tier 4 raid 5000
Complete tier 5 raid 10000

Gym battles

Defeat all enemy Pokemon at gym 50
Defeat enemy Pokemon at gym 100

How to get XP fast?

Nothing stands out as a way to gain XP at a particularly fast rate but to go through the levels quickly, regularly hatching eggs, spinning PokeStops and winning raid battles offers generous XP. Of course, you are limited as to how much of these activities you can do in a day, though.

It is also important to note that lucky eggs double all XP while they are active. For example, if you hatch 10km egg with a lucky egg activated you will get 2,000 XP instead of 1,000.

Your friends may offer the best route to get the quickest XP in Pokemon Go…

One way to get a lot of XP is through friends. Sharing friend codes and becoming ultra friends is an excellent way to gain levels quickly.

The following XP is earned for each friend stage:

  • Good Friend: 3,000 XP
  • Great Friend: 10,000 XP
  • Ultra Friend: 50,000 XP
  • Best Friend: 100,000 XP

Getting to these stages takes time, literally, as it is based on days but if you’re disciplined with the process it seems to be the consensus quickest way to reach the Everest that is Level 40. Lucky eggs also apply to this bonus – so, if you can remember, make sure you’ve used a lucky egg when reaching a new friend stage!


Pokemon Grookey Sword & Shield guide: evolutions, moves, strengths & weaknesses

Published: 15/Jan/2021 17:15

by Daniel Megarry


Looking to master Grookey in Pokemon Sword and Shield? We’ve got all the information you need including evolutions, best moves, strengths, and weaknesses.

Grookey made its debut alongside Sobble and Scorbunny as part of the Gen 8 starter trio in Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch. Like most starter Pokemon, it’s become incredibly popular and has gained a big following of loyal trainers.

Known as the ‘Chimp Pokemon’, Grookey is a cute grass-type creature that originates in the Galar region. Its design appears to be based on a spider monkey, and its name is a hybrid of the words ‘groove’ and ‘monkey’.

Grookey’s Pokedex entry in Sword is as follows: “When it uses its special stick to strike up a beat, the sound waves produced carry revitalizing energy to the plants and flowers in the area.”

Grookey in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Grookey is one of the starter trio in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

What is Grookey weak and strong against?

Being a grass-type Pokemon, Grookey and its evolutions will take more damage from fire, flying, poison, bug, and ice-type moves. They will take less damage from ground, water, grass, and electric-type moves.

When using grass-type moves, Grookey will have an advantage against ground, rock, and water-type Pokemon. It won’t necessarily have an advantage when using non-grass-type moves against these types.

What moves can Grookey learn by leveling up?

Grookey starts out with just Scratch and Growl, but it can learn a further nine moves by leveling up.

The final move it can learn is Endeavor at level 36. After this, you’ll need to evolve Grookey to Thwackey and then Rillaboom if you want to keep learning moves through leveling up.

Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy
1 Scratch Normal Physical 40 100
1 Growl Normal Status 100
6 Branch Poke Grass Physical 40 100
8 Taunt Dark Status 100
12 Razor Leaf Grass Physical 55 95
17 Screech Normal Status 85
20 Knock Off Dark Physical 65 100
24 Slam Normal Physical 80 75
28 Uproar Normal Special 90 100
32 Wood Hammer Grass Physical 120 100
36 Endeavor Normal Physical 100

What does Grookey evolve into?

Grookey evolves into Thwackey at Level 16. Like the form before it, Thwackey is a pure grass-type Pokemon, meaning it shares the same strengths and weaknesses.

It then evolves into its final evolution Rillaboom at Level 35. Rillaboom is also a pure grass-type, so it also shares the same strengths and weaknesses as Grookey and Thwackey.

All three forms have the Overgrow ability, which boosts the power of grass-type moves by 50% when at less than or equal to 1/3 HP.

Grookey Thwackey and Rillaboom evolutions
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Grookey evolves into Thwackey and Rillaboom.

Where to find Grookey in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Grookey is one of three starter Pokemon in Sword and Shield, meaning players will have the opportunity to acquire one at the very beginning of the game. If you’re set on getting one, you should probably do this, as Grookey, Sobble, and Scorbunny don’t appear in the wild.

If you didn’t choose Grookey as your starter Pokemon, you’ll need to set up a trade with another trainer who has one. You can do this with friends, turn to the internet for help, or try your luck with the unpredictable Surprise Trades feature.

How to get Shiny Grookey

As you can’t find Grookey in the wild, you won’t be able to hunt for a Shiny version like you would with most other Pokemon.

What you can do, though, is breed Grookey with another Pokemon in the same egg group, which will give you a small chance of hatching a Shiny. It will take you a while, but if you’re determined, it’s the only way.

Shiny Grookey Pokemon
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Shiny Grookey is very difficult to get in Sword & Shield.

A more refined way to do this and guarantee you’ll hatch the Pokemon you’re after is to breed Grookey with Ditto. Anytime Ditto is bred with another Pokemon, the egg will hatch the species that isn’t Ditto.

You can find Ditto at the Lake of Outrage, so you’ll want to head there and catch yourself one. If you’re confused as to how breeding works in general then you can check out our nursery and breeding guide.