The best Pokemon Go auto catchers

Fiona Leake
Pokemon Go auto catchers

Pokemon Go auto catchers make it easier than ever to catch Pokemon when out in the wild, but which one is best?

If you want to continue catching Pokemon when on the go, boost your level, and spin those PokeStops without having your phone out, auto catchers are the ideal Pokemon Go companion.

Since the Pokemon Go Plus launch, many third parties have attempted to create their own auto catchers. We’ve put together a list of the very best…

How do Pokemon Go auto catchers work?

Pokemon Go auto catchers are designed specifically for the Pokemon Go app. They work by pairing to your mobile device via bluetooth and can usually be worn on your wrist like a watch.

While you’re walking around, the auto catcher will automatically catch Pokemon (no surprise there), spin PokeStops and boost your levels. Some auto catchers also come with extra smart features including displaying the date, time, and Pokemon stats.

Disclaimer: some third-party auto catchers might be against the Pokemon Go terms of service and could lead to account restrictions.

Watchic Plus

Watchic Plus Pokemon Go auto catcher
The Watchic Plus pairs Pokemon Go with smart features

The Watchic Plus pairs smartwatch features with Pokemon Go auto catching abilities. The .96″ display shows the day, time, pocket monsters, and connectivity status. It also allows dual connectivity between two different devices, so you and your friend can both benefit from one watch. The real-time display and updates remove the need for you to check the Pokemon Go app at all when out.

The clever watch is also waterproof and can last for over 240 hours on a single charge, allowing for plenty of auto catching when out and about.

Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Plus watch
The original auto catcher

The Pokemon Go Plus was launched shortly after the app itself, making it the original auto catcher. This device can either be worn on your wrist or attached to an item of clothing.

The central button can be pressed to spin Pokestops or catch your favorite monsters. The handy LED lets you know what’s going on by flashing blue when near a PokeStop, green when a Pokemon is nearby, red when a catch has failed, and multicolored when you’ve successfully caught a Pokemon.

Nintendo has created an upgraded version called the Pokemon Go Plus+, which is being released July 14 2023. This updated device features Pikachu’s voice when you use its sleep tracking capabilities, which is certainly different. The Pokemon Go Plus+ will also let you choose which types of Pokeballs you use to catch Pokemon.

Go-tcha Classic

This was the first attempt to improve on the original Pokemon Go Plus. The design is very much based off a fitness tracker that’s had custom software installed to work with the Pokemon Go app.

The key difference is that the Go-tcha watch does everything for you – spinning PokeStops and catching monsters.

Poke Ball Plus

Poke ball plus
The Poke Ball Plus was originally for Let’s Go

The main purpose of the Poke Ball Plus was that it would work as a controller for the Pokemon: Let’s Go games, but it can also function as a Pokemon Go device.

You can pair it with your phone via bluetooth and it’ll work much the same as the Pokemon Go Plus does. However, if there’s a Pokemon stored inside, then it’ll grab stuff for you without having to do anything!

Brook Auto Catch Lightning

The Brook Auto Catch Lightning is a very simple offering without a LCD display but the minimal design makes it popular amongst many Pokemon trainers out there. It’s also waterproof and will do all the auto catching for you with minimal input.

However, now that Brook’s more advanced version, the Watchic Plus is on the market, we can expect the price of the original to fall, making it the right time to bag a deal.

So, there you have it, all the best Pokemon Go auto catchers on the market, making your life as a trainer easier than ever. Which one will you choose?

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