Regidrago best moveset in Pokemon Go & is it any good?

Regidrago in Pokemon GoNiantic

Regidrago is a powerful Legendary Titan that you can encounter in Pokemon Go’s Elite Raids, but what is the best moveset to teach it? And is it any good in PvP Battles? Let’s take a look.

After making its debut in Sword & Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC expansion on the Nintendo Switch, Regidrago has finally arrived in Pokemon Go. The only way to get one is to defeat it in an Elite Raid, so it’s not an easy Pokemon to catch.

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If you’ve already managed to get one, though, you’ll probably be wondering what its best moveset is and whether it’s worth investing your resources in. We’ve got the answers below (although be warned, it’s not looking good).

Regidrago in Elite Raids in Pokemon GoNiantic

Regidrago best moveset in Pokemon Go

One of the best movesets you can teach Regidrago for PvP Battles in Pokemon Go is Bite as a Fast Move with Outrage and Hyper Beam as Charged Moves.

You’re stuck with Bite as it’s the only Fast Move you can teach Regidrago. When it comes to Charged Moves, go with Outrage for the STAB damage and the Normal-type Hyper Beam for the extra coverage.

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We have to say, though, it doesn’t really feel accurate to call this a ‘best’ moveset as it won’t serve you very well in either PvP Battles or Raids. But as it currently stands, it’s the best of a bad situation.

All moves Regidrago can learn in Pokemon Go

Regidrago can learn one Fast Move and three Charged Moves in Pokemon Go, which we’ve listed below:

Regidrago Fast Move

  • Bite (Dark)

Regidrago Charged Moves

  • Dragon Pulse (Dragon)
  • Hyper Beam (Normal)
  • Outrage (Dragon)
An Elite Raid in Pokemon GoNiantic

Is Regidrago any good in Pokemon Go?

Despite being one of the most difficult Legendaries to obtain in Pokemon Go, Regidrago doesn’t really have much use in Pokemon Go beyond being a Pokedex filler.

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The main reason for this is its poor moveset. Regidrago only has one Fast Move to choose from (and it doesn’t even come with STAB), while its Charged Moves are all quite expensive to use. It also suffers from low Attack and Defense stats.

To put all of that into context, in the Master League – where you might naturally expect a Dragon-type Legendary Pokemon to have some usage – Regidrago is currently sitting at number 402 on PvPoke’s ranking. Ouch.

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Unfortunately, Regidrago isn’t any better suited to being a Raid attacker, mainly because it lacks a Dragon-type Fast Move. There are also much better Dragon-type attackers to focus on like Rayquaza.

This could all change if Niantic decides to expand Regidrago’s move pool in the future, but for now, this Legendary Pokemon really isn’t worth your time or resources.

Now that you know Regidrago’s best moveset, check out some more Pokemon Go guides below:

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