Rare miscut ACE SPEC Pokemon card declared “crazy cool”

Em Stonham
ACE SPEC Legacy Energy card with tear and Pokemon background.

Miscut Pokemon cards are a strange phenomenon in the Pokemon TCG community. While some people may overlook them when ripping into Booster Packs, they can hold a surprising amount of value – especially if the miscut card features a popular Pokemon or Trainer.

Misprints, bad cuts, and alignment dots are all elements that niche collectors keep an eye out for, but miscut cards are arguably the most popular out of the bunch. They look striking and can make valuable additions to Pokemon card collections.

A Pokemon TCG collector unveiled a Twilight Masquerade miscut online, sharing an incredibly jagged Legacy Energy ACE SPEC with other collectors in the community.

ACE SPEC cards are visually intriguing on their own, featuring a hot pink border and unique holofoil pattern. Even so, this miscut is a standout piece, having a wildly misaligned cut that allows another card to peek over the left-hand side.

Other Pokemon TCG collectors were fascinated by this baffling card, with one person praising OP’s “crazy cool” pull by saying, “WOW! Fantastic,” emphasizing the rarity of such a card.

Another viewer commented “This is sick,” before tagging prevalent miscut card collector Regigigagod to get their opinion on the jagged Pokemon card. Regigigagod agreed that the miscut ACE SPEC was beautiful, replying to the tag, “Wow yeah that’s awesome!! I’m definitely jealous.”

Some Pokemon fans discussed whether this card would be tournament legal, pointing out that the text wasn’t wholly legible so it likely wouldn’t be accepted. One person hesitantly answered, “I think all the card text needs to be clearly readable which I guess would put this one at a maybe?”

It’s best to check with tournament organizers whether a card is allowed before entering an event with it. Rules and accepted cards can vary depending on the event itself, especially on a smaller scale, but usually, miscut cards are a no-go.

If you’re looking to add some ACE SPEC cards to your collection, make sure to take a look at our ACE SPEC guide. There are plenty of valuable gems out there, including some from the Black & White era of the Pokemon TCG.