New ACE SPEC Pokemon card dubbed “underwhelming” – and it’s not even out yet

Em Stonham
Deluxe Bomb ACE SPEC card.

Stellar Miracle is the next Pokemon TCG release on the horizon and we’re deep in the middle of card reveal season.

Some cards that have been revealed for Stellar Miracle so far have gone down incredibly well with Pokemon TCG players. Unfortunately, they’ve not all been hits with the community – and a new card reveal has been dubbed “underwhelming” by players.

Officially revealed by the Japanese Pokemon TCG YouTube channel, Deluxe Bomb (096/102) is the next card to join the illustrious ACE SPEC roster. If you’re unfamiliar with ACE SPEC cards, they’re exceedingly powerful, single-use cards that a player can only have one of in their deck.

Deluxe Bomb ACE SPEC Pokemon card.
Deluxe Bomb ACE SPEC (096/102) Pokemon card.

Some ACE SPEC cards can be game-changers, but the Deluxe Bomb card seems to have fizzled out before it’s even hit the market. Thanks to PokeBeach’s translations, it’s easy to see why this card has missed the mark with so many Pokemon TCG players.

The card must be attached to the Pokemon in the Active Spot for it to be used. When the Pokemon using this card is damaged by an Attack – even if it’s Knocked Out – the user can put 12 Damage Counters on the opponent’s Attacking Pokemon. Deluxe Bomb must then be discarded.

At face value, the card seems punchy. 12 Damage Counters is nothing to sneeze at and it could be seen as a 1-turn immunity for the Pokemon using it. Unfortunately, the immediate discard requirement and potential to miss an OHKO make it too situational.

One Pokemon TCG fan in the forums noted, “Without an easy way to recycle it currently available, I think this is pretty underwhelming. I feel like it would have had to at least present a self-contained 2HKO on stage 2 exs to be seriously considerable otherwise.”

Others were inclined to agree, with one player slamming the card as just “bulk” and another lamenting, “They just print something like that over and over and over…”

Some felt more optimistic about the Deluxe Bomb, though, with a few players speculating how it could be used in battle and which decks it would work well with. One Pokemon TCG player shared, “I feel a Rock Wall reprint would’ve been better in its place, but at least bomb does twice the damage”.

Whether you’re excited about this new ACE SPEC or feeling underwhelmed by its power levels, it’s important to keep an eye on the Stellar Miracle release as the expansion set should hold some truly strong cards. For now, check out our import guide for this Stellar-infused TCG set.