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Pokemon Unite’s next character potentially teased in plain sight

Published: 28/Aug/2021 20:37

by Brent Koepp


Was Pokemon Unite’s next character revealed? A map easter-egg has some fans wondering if TiMi Studios has been teasing the MOBA’s next fighter right in front of our eyes the entire time.

As Pokemon Unite gears up to release its latest character Blastoise on September 1st 2021, a player’s social media post has sparked speculation as to whether the game’s next playable ‘mon has already been teased.

The eagle-eyed Trainer spotted an interesting image integrated into one of the free-to-play title’s maps. Has the MOBA’s next fighter after the Kanto starter been staring us in the face all this time?


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Did TiMi Studios already tease the next character?

Pokemon Unite character leak speculated

Although a Pokemon Unite datamine leaked many upcoming characters such as Sylveon and Greedent, TiMi Studios has still been able to surprise players with unexpected fighters such as when Mamoswine was announced in August 2021.

Speculation about another new character was kicked off in the community after multiple players spotted a sillhouette of Alolan Raichu on one of the MOBA’s maps. One Trainer captured the image and posted it on the r/PokemonUnite forum.

In the screenshot, you can see an outline of the Gen VII character surfing. “Look who they are (hopefully) teasing already!” the user exclaimed jokingly. Because many had never noticed it before, the picture kicked off a wave of speculation.


Look who they are (hopefully) teasing already! from PokemonUnite

“I really need this to happen,” a fan of the Pikachu evolution said. Other players excited about the image speculated as to how TiMi Studios could implement the Alolan regional form into the team-based MOBA.

“Imagine when it moves, it creates an electric terrain that increases allies Movement Speed, I would love to see that support,” one user wrote. Another Trainer commented, “Make Electric Terrain Alolan Raichu’s surf. Like he’d surf on an electric wave and nearby teammates could get that movement speed buff.”

Pokemon Unite fans react to character tease

Could Victini come to Pokemon Unite next?

Another possibility for the next character could be a second Legendary. Popular Pokemon analyst Eclipse pointed out that Gen VII’s Zeraora was given out for free as an “event” as a part of the MOBA’s launch.


However, with Season 1 wrapping up in September, the expert speculated that we could possibly get a second Mythical event. “So after the Zeraora “event”, who’s gonna be next? Victini maybe? Just based on old datamined information,” they tweeted on August 27.

Not everyone was thrilled with the theory the Alolan form was being teased. “Yes, we need another surf user in this game,” one fan wrote sarcastically. With Blastoise being added on September 1st 2021, Raichu would be the fourth character to have a Surf ability.

Only time will tell if the Pikachu evolution will be the next ‘mon to be introduced into the MOBA, or whether we end up getting another Legendary such as Victini. One thing’s for certain – we are getting Sylveon and Mamoswine next, so it’s anyone’s guess who will join the fighter after the duo.