Pokemon Unite’s next character possibly teased in Halloween Festival

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Pokemon Unite Logo next to blurred Pokemon
TiMi Studios / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Unite’s next character may have been teased during the Halloween Festival announcement. A cryptic promotional image might have tipped off which Pokemon will be joining the Nintendo MOBA.

The spookiest season has arrived in Pokemon Unite as the Halloween Festival will officially take over the TiMi Studios MOBA starting October 20, 2021. 

Fans believe that the event’s announcement has another trick up its sleeve by secretly revealing who the next playable character in the Nintendo multiplayer will be.

Pokemon Unite Halloween Festival poster
TiMi Studios / The Pokemon Company
Did the Pokemon Unite Halloween Festival hint at a future character?

Pokemon Unite character teased in Halloween Festival?

Pokemon Unite is  gearing up to launch its first major in-game event. The Halloween Festival will see the MOBA diving into the popular Fall holiday with a multi-week celebration themed around the spooky October season.

A promotional image for the celebration went viral after eagle-eyed fans spotted what they believed to be a possible hint about an upcoming character. In the photo, a Jack-O-Lantern with the face of Gen VII’s Rowlet can be seen in the background.

The inclusion of the Alolan starter led many to theorize that Grass/Ghost-type Decidueye would be the next fighter in Unite. Popular Pokemon insider ‘Eclipse’ brought a further spotlight to the discussion after tweeting the image with the caption: “So you asked about Decidueye?”

It should be pointed out that Eclipse is not saying this is an official hint, however that didn’t stop some fans from speculating. Interestingly, many players pointed out that other new ‘mon were also featured in the trailer as well.

“What about Misreavus and Shuppet?” user ‘mosphrit’ asked as the two Ghost-types can be seen on screen in the battle arenas.

Pokemon Unite fan posts Halloween Festival tweet

It’s hard to say whether the cleverly placed image is a tease or not, but it isn’t that far-fetched considering the Pokemon franchise has a history of dropping hints about upcoming projects and updates.

Back in December, a major datamine leak revealed over 30 ‘mon in the game’s files. Interestingly, Sinnoh’s Mamoswine was not listed, yet was brought to the game in September, so anything is possible.

Of course, the Rowlet Jack-O-Lantern could just be a really neat Easter egg. Let’s be honest, a Ghost-type that can snipe enemies across the map would be pretty epic, so here’s to hoping.

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