Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetales holowear divides players over price tag


Pokemon Unite’s Alolan Ninetales holowear has finally dropped in the game’s store, but players have been left scratching their heads over the price tag.

Nintendo has released a ton of new Pokemon Unite skins since the game’s launch, showing players they are willing to support the game as much as possible. One of those skins is fan-favorite Galactic Gengar.

Although many members of the community have been enjoying the steady release of skins, some have noticed the drastic increase in price in the most recent holowear release for Alolan Ninetales.

NinetalesThe Pokemon Company
Ninetales is known for its powerful fire-based attacks.

Scared Style Alolan Ninetales price

Holowear outfits for Pokemon typically fall into the 300-400 Aeos Gems price range, with more special ones like Captain Charizard going for 1,200.

However, the new Sacred Style Alolan Ninetales skin was released at a price of 2,499 Aeos Gems, which equates to $40. This is, by far, the most expensive skin in the game, and players took note of the drastic hike in pricing.

Reddit user Halvpolack shared a post to the Unite subreddit with concerns about the pricing of the skin saying, “The new Alolan Nintetales holowear is now out but it’s crazy expensive.”

The top comment on the thread places the price hike on the change to enhancers, saying: “Found where the revenue loss from the super enhancers went.”

This is in reference to Nintendo lowering the price on enhancing held items, balancing the playing field for fans who don’t want to invest money into the game.

Alolan Ninetales players weren’t too happy when they found out the price tag with one, commenting: “I spent so much time talking myself into splurging 20 bucks on it (because I assumed that’s what it was gonna cost) and even that felt like a huge stretch. There was still a part of me leaning towards “I probably shouldn’t do this” even at 20 bucks. But 40 f**kin’ dollars?!? Good lord. Hell no.”

While it’s good that Nintendo heavily reduced its “pay-to-win” system with enhancers, it may have come at the cost of skins being more expensive.