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Pokemon Unite player discovers game-changing Rotom exploit

Published: 8/Aug/2021 18:59 Updated: 8/Aug/2021 19:00

by Brent Koepp


A new Pokemon Unite exploit has gone viral after one player showed how Defender Snorlax can break Rotom in the Nintendo Switch MOBA.

While Pokemon Unite pits two teams against each other, the MOBA also has neutral enemies scattered across each arena. One of the main bosses is Electric Ghost-type Rotom, which can be used to push lanes.

A player discovered an exploit that literally stops the Diamond & Pearl ‘mon from reaching its proper destination. The Snorlax trick takes away the opposing team’s advantage by breaking the Sinnoh character.

Pokemon Unite Rotom Battle Remoat Stadium
The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
A new Rotom exploit has been found in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite exploit breaks Rotom

On the Remoat Stadium map, players facing off in the top lane can eventually take on Rotom. Whoever defeats the Gen IV Ghost-type will then get help from the ‘mon when it eventually reaches the enemy team’s goal, making point scoring instant for a limited amount of time. That is, unless the other team has a Snorlax.


Over on the r/PokemonUnite forum, Trainer ‘HanaYakuta’ posted an exploit where the giant Defender can actually break the neutral enemy by re-directing it to another goal location. “Potential Glitch : Rotom targets 2nd goal when pushed by Snorlax,” the user wrote, uploading a video of their discovery.

In the clip, Snorlax is seen using its Block ability to bump into the Rotom before it hits the goal zone. This then knocks it past the first Goal location and sends it to the 2nd one behind it instead. Because of this, the opposing team can no longer score on it as they have not progressed that far in the lane yet.


Potential Glitch : Rotom targets 2nd goal when pushed by Snorlax from PokemonUnite

Pokemon fans were floored by the Rotom-exploit, such as one user who exclaimed, “Wow that’s sick I’m gonna use this for sure, way faster and easier than trying to fight it.” Another fan joked, “Is there anything Snorlax CANT do.”

One Unite player simply wrote, “LMAO. Actually broken.”

Pokemon Unite fans react to Rotom Exploit reddit
Pokemon fans were floored by the Rotom Exploit in Unite.

Given that Block has a ton of utility, it’s hard to say whether TiMi Studios designed the ability to be able to re-direct Rotom. The way the Electric/Ghost-type suddenly snaps to the next goal zone, however, makes us think otherwise.

The developer has yet to publicly acknowledge the Snorlax move or state whether it will be fixed in a future update. But given that the trick has gone viral, we expect many Trainers will start to use it as it’s an incredibly nifty way to deny opponents a major advantage.