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Broken Pokemon Unite trick lets you teleport straight to the opponents’ goal

Published: 3/Aug/2021 18:50 Updated: 8/Dec/2021 17:59

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon Unite player has discovered a new exploit that sends certain ‘mon warping across the map to the opponent’s base, making goal-scoring easier.

A month after launching in July 2021, one of Pokemon Unite’s most popular characters is Absol. The Speedster’s warping attacks can be an absolute nightmare for opposing players trying to flee.

One Trainer playing the Ruby & Sapphire ‘mon has found an incredible trick that can send the character traveling insane distances to hunt down opposing Pokemon.


Pokemon Unite absol pursuit
The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Pokemon like Absol can warp across the map using an exploit.

Broken Pokemon Unite trick makes goal-scoring easy

The exploit was first discovered on the r/PokemonUnite forum after player ‘isitscrumptious‘ posted footage of them pulling off the feat. “I found a way to teleport straight to the opposing teams goal as Absol,” they wrote.

In the clip, the Trainer shows their Absol engaged in a team battle. After attacking the opposing team’s Pikachu, the Electric-type then manages to warp back to their home base before being knocked out by the Speedster Pokemon.

Because the Absol used its special ability, Pursuit, it then warped the character all the way across the map to the enemy’s home base where the Pikachu was now located.


I found a way to teleport straight to the opposing teams goal as Absol from PokemonUnite

Fellow Unite players were shocked by the exploit, with one user explaining how they were surprised the devs didn’t take this into account when designing the Gen III character’s Pursuit ability. “That’s absol’s pursuit, and it does exactly that. Super weird edge case the devs probably didn’t think about,” the fan wrote.

According to another comment, the issue isn’t just exclusive to Absol and also happens to Gengar’s Hex attack. “Its not just absol this happens to, I’ve had it happen to me playing gengar. Enemy was teleporting back to base and I used hex at the exact same time they went back to base yanking me across the whole of the map to their base.”


Pokemon Unite players explain travel exploits

At the time of writing, TiMi Studios has yet to respond to the exploit. Given that players are apparently allowed to warp across the map, it’s hard to imagine the devs intended for these moves to be used this way.

While the developer has released a handful of patches, it doesn’t look like the oversight has been fixed yet. Only time will tell if it becomes a problem in Pokemon Unite’s Ranked mode.