Pokemon Ultimate Journeys leak reveals two Pokemon joining Ash in the next series

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Recent Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episode leaks claim that Ash is bringing two of his Pokemon with him at the start of the next series.

The Pokemon Ultimate Journeys anime series is slowly but surely coming to an end and fans are very curious to see what’s next for Ash and his team.

Recent leaks have all but confirmed episode 136 will be the end of Ash and Goh’s journey together, but there are still a few mysteries left before the episode airs on December 16, 2022.

Now, another leak has seemingly confirmed that Pikachu isn’t the only other member of Ash’s team that will join him in the next series, as Lucario may also be coming along.

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Pokemon anime leak claims Lucario is staying with Ash

The leak comes from Twitter user GryphonCool, who has reported on and leaked several other aspects of the Japanese releases for the Pokemon anime.

They simply tweeted “136. Ash took Lucario with him.” In a follow-up tweet, they explained further and said, “In the episode, yes. Not sure about the next generation. Ash’s new adventure. Don’t bother thinking about others, just don’t.”

This isn’t the first time a Pokemon from a previous season has followed Ash into the next. Longtime anime fans will likely remember Ash’s Aipom, whom he caught in the Ruby & Saphier Battle Frontier saga, but followed him into the Diamond & Pearl anime series.

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While few details are known just yet, Lucario could fill a similar role that Aipom did for Ash in the Diamond & Pearl series. Considering Lucario played a significant role in both Ash’s team and his overall journey in the Ultimate Journeys series, it makes sense it would stay along for whatever comes next.

Of course, these leaks are still unconfirmed, so fans should still take them with a grain of salt. However, considering episode 136 is set to air in Japan on December 16, 2022, it won’t be long until fans see what exactly happens with Ash and Lucario as the series wraps up.

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