Pokemon Ultimate Journeys 136 preview teases perfect end to Ash and Goh’s adventure

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys anime Ash Goh Episode 136 Preview Lugia battleThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys is coming to a close, and Ash and Goh may be preparing to face off against Lugia one last time before moving on to their next challenges.

Ash and Goh have been through many life-altering adventures since their first meeting in Pokemon Journeys. Goh has grown to care about the bond between himself and his companions, while Ash has ascended to the position of World Champion following his amazing battle with Leon in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys.

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However, many have wondered what will be in store with Ash and Goh now that their current adventures are coming to a close. Some fans have speculated the two will continue to travel together in the Paldea region after the confirmation that Ash will stay the series’s protagonist. Others believe a heartfelt goodbye could be coming in the next few episodes.

Thankfully, the next preview trailer for Pokemon Ultimate Journeys has aired, giving fans a sneak peek at episode 136. The video indicates the two will finally circle back to their first encounter together – the Legendary Pokemon Lugia.

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Pokemon Ultimate Journeys may conclude with a Lugia battle

In a Reddit post by Biggestkalosfan, a video clip of the episode 136 preview for Pokemon Ultimate Journeys has been shared. The post reads, “Satoshi and Go! Embark on a New Journey!! Preview plus Special Reveal”.

The Pokemon Ultimate Journeys preview clip gives more context to the end of episode 135, where Lugia appears after Goh and Ash have a fight about their next steps as trainers. The episode ends with the pair challenging the Legendary to a “Raid Battle”.

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Many fans speculate that Ash and Goh will finally defeat Lugia, the Legendary that brought them together at the start of the series. One fan comments, “Lugia brought Satoshi and Gou together. Now he’s sending them off on their new adventure”. At the same time, another adds, “Lugia appearing and battling Ash and Goh really is symbolic in a sense”.

It isn’t clear if this Pokemon Ultimate Journeys teaser will be the battle that concludes Ash and Goh’s time together, but it is certain the two protagonists are about to embark on some of their most exciting adventures yet.

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