Pokemon TCG special Sword & Shield set details and release date revealed

Pokemon TCG Special Sword & Shield set 2023 release dateThe Pokemon Company

The Pokemon TCG will release one last special Sword & Shield set at the beginning of 2023, likely marking the end of the Gen 8 expansions. After this set, the game will transition into the Scarlet & Violet era.

The end of a generation is a bittersweet space for Pokemon TCG players. As generation 8 comes to a close, fans of the V, VMAX, and VSTAR mechanics will need to snag booster packs of current expansions before they become difficult to come by.

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While watching the Galar chapter of the Pokemon TCG come to a close may tug at the hearts of many, the prospects of the card game are also exciting. It has already been confirmed the EX mechanic will be making a comeback with a fresh coat of paint, and it seems likely a new mechanic surrounding Terastallizing is also around the corner.

However, before trainer wave goodbye to their Gen 8 companions for new adventures, it seems there will be one last special expansion releasing at the start of 2023 – just a few months after the Gen 9 November release date.

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When will the Pokemon TCG special Sword & Shield set release?

According to information provided on PokeBeach.com, the special Sword & Shield TCG set will release on January 20, 2023.

The post indicates the set will release as a special Elite Trainer Box similar to Shining Fates and Hidden Fates. There will also likely be a V collector’s box in the same timeframe.

Currently, there isn’t a name for the set, but it is known the list will likely include several Japanese cards that weren’t in previous Pokemon TCG expansions for Sword & Shield, as well as other potential additions.

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It will also be important to note pre-order dates on the official Pokemon Center website and at local retail stores, as these special sets often have a smaller print size and are quick to sell out. Fans will want to avoid purchasing from Pokemon TCG scalpers, to ensure they pay a fair price for official products.

It is likely more information about these special Sword & Shield cards will become available after the release of Silver Tempest in November. Until then, fans will have a chance to speculate on what could be hidden in the farewell card list included with the set.

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