Unreleased Pokemon TCG Charizard VMAX Promo is being scalped for shocking amounts

Pokemon TCG Ultra Premium Charizard VMAX promoThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon TCG players are excited for the upcoming Charizard Ultra Premium Collection, but the cards and boxes are already being scalped over a month before release.

It was recently announced that the Pokemon TCG will be releasing another Sword & Shield Ultra Premium Collection during the fall of 2022 – and this time it will feature fan-favorite Charizard.

The beautiful set will come in a box similar to the Zamazenta and Zacian set released near the beginning of the Sword & Shield TCG expansions, and will be loaded down with booster packs and extras.

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While the Ultra Premium Collection was destined to be widely sought after by both collectors and players, three special cards included in the set have already boosted its value ahead of the October 28, 2022 release date. The special, etched, foil Charizard V, VMAX, and VSTAR promo cards are likely the cause of a sudden influx of scalped pre-orders appearing online.

How much are scalped Charizard VMAX Promos pre-ordering for?

Currently, a pre-order listing for the Charizard VMAX promo card found in the upcoming Ultra Premium set is being listed on eBay for over 300 dollars.

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Additionally, the Ultra Premium Collection itself is being listed on sites like eBay, StockX, and Collector Store for between 200 and 400 dollars. This is well over the listed price of 119.99 USD, creating an insanely scalped price for an item that hasn’t even been released yet.

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Pokemon TCG Charizard Ultra Premium Collection

While purchasing one of these scalped pre-orders may seem like the best way to guarantee access to the set when it releases, it can be extremely dangerous to buyers.

These pre-orders are being purchased on the pre-order of the scalper. Because of this, if the scalper cancels the pre-order, doesn’t receive a shipment, or just doesn’t honor the purchase, a Pokemon TCG fan could be out a good deal of money.

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Additionally, the value of most Pokemon cards settles several weeks to a month after the release of an expansion or collector set, meaning players who pre-order these scalped boxes could find themselves grossly overpaying for something that eventually has no value at all.

To help avoid paying outrageous prices, players should consider calling their local game stores for genuine pre-order options, or arrive at local retail stores early on the day of release for the best chances of obtaining a set.

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