Pokemon Scalpers are selling free Special Delivery Charizard codes for insane amounts

Laura Gray
Pokemon TCH Special Delivery Charizard Free Promo Code Scalper

Pokemon TCG collectors are selling the free promo Special Delivery Charizard card codes for shockingly high amounts, continuing the ongoing trend of scalping for the game.

The Pokemon TCG has been no stranger to record-breaking card values in recent years. From first edition vintage cards selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auctions to crippling expansion shortages throughout 2020 and 2021, getting invested in the Pokemon TCG as a collector or a player can be a costly endeavor.

Unfortunately, any card with the fan-favorite Charizard is likely to earn a high value among Pokemon TCG fans, and the new promotional Special Delivery Charizard is no exception. With Pikachu peeking over its shoulder, and no guarantee players will get a code, many are willing to pay hiked prices to add it to collections.

How do you get a free Special Deliver Charizard Pokemon TCG code?

Special Delivery Charizard Pokemon TCG Free Promo Codes ScalpedPokemon TCG Special Delivery Charizard Free Code Sells For $100

Obtaining the Pokemon TCG free code for the Special Delivery Charizard promo required fans to sign up through The Pokemon Center‘s registration page. Those lucky enough to receive a code could then redeem it with a minimum purchase of 20 dollars on The Pokemon Center online store. The card is then included in the shipment as a free bonus, wrapped in its own single-card wrapping.

However, not all codes fell into the hands of players or collectors. A source told Dexerto they were able to sell their free code for a stunning 85 dollars. Codes are even popping up on Ebay for as much as 130 dollars, allowing sellers to make bank on the free Pokemon TCG gifts.

Even the cards themselves are currently worth a large amount of money, with listings at 158 dollars on TCGPlayer.com.

It is definitely frustrating for those who missed out on the free codes to be at the mercy of scalpers extorting their gifts, there is no denying the Pokemon TCG Special Delivery Charizard free codes and cards are currently a great way to pad pockets. With demand for the promo skyrocketing, it is likely these sales will continue for the foreseeable future.