Special Delivery Bidoof Charizard Pokemon TCG card: Release date, value, more

Special Delivery Bidoof Pokemon CardThe Pokemon Company

To celebrate Bidoof Day, The Pokemon Company gave out a rare TCG card featuring the Sinnoh Pokemon and Charizard. Here is how to get the Special Delivery collectible at The Pokemon Center in the US.

Making its debut in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, Bidoof has become an icon of sorts for the beloved RPG franchise. The adorable beaver-like ‘mon has become a meme and in 2021, Game Freak has embraced it by officially making July 1st Bidoof Day.

To celebrate the holiday, TPC offered fans a chance to snag a rare Pokemon card featuring the Gen IV character for a limited time. Here is all the information about the Special Delivery Bidoof Trading Card Game collectible.

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Special Delivery Bidoof Pokemon CardThe Pokemon Company / PokeGuardian / Unsplash
The rare Bidoof Pokemon card was only be available for a limited time.

Special Delivery Bidoof Charizard Pokemon card release date

The Special Delivery Bidoof card released on August 19, 2021.

The card was a special promotional promo that could be obtained through a sweepstakes held on the official Pokemon Center website.

Like other recent Special Delivery cards, players who were selected after signing up recieved a promotional code via email that could be redeemed alongside a qualifying purchase from the online store. These codes are no longer redeemable, making any existing code cards obsolete.

Special Delivery Bidoof Charizard Pokemon TCG card price

According to the listing provided by TCGPlayer.com, the Special Delivery Bidoof card is valued at over $250.

It is no longer possible to obtain this special Pomo card through the Pokemon Center official website. Because of this, fans will have to either trade or purchase it from an online retail website or seller. While the investment can be steep, it may be worth it for serious Pokemon TCG collectors.

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