Pokemon TCG Darkness Ablaze Charizard already selling for insane amounts

Published: 14/Aug/2020 21:14

by Brent Koepp


The Pokemon Trading Card Game’s latest set, Darkness Ablaze, features a new Charizard card that fans are going crazy for. The special collectible is already selling online for a mind-blowing amount. 

Introduced in North America in 1998, Pokemon cards became an instant hit and a worldwide phenomena. Thirty years on, rare collectibles in the TCG can sell for over $250k.

The game’s latest set, Darkness Ablaze, which hit stores on August 13, has a V-Max Charizard that is already being sold for crazy prices.

pokemon darkness ablaze eternatus
The Pokemon Company
The latest Pokemon set features some amazing cards.

New Charizard Pokemon card selling for insane prices

The TCG’s newest expansion Darkness Ablaze is now in stores, and features over 185 cards based on the eight generation game Sword & Shield.

The set’s V-Max Charizard is already setting the internet on fire. The highly sought after card depicts the ‘mon in its epic G-Max form from the Nintendo Switch title.

Over on auction sites like eBay, the collectible has already sold for over $700. Although it should be pointed out, prices like that are for cards rated a 10 by professional grading companies like Beckett and PSA.

ebay listing vmax charizard pokemon darkness ablaze
Ebay / The Pokemon Company
The new Charizard card has already sold for $700 when graded high.

While not every card is going to score a rating that high, even lower grades have fetched from $300-400. On average, ungraded versions have been going for around $135. Which is quite a lot of money considering the set just came out.

Beckett Grading / The Pokemon Company
Charizard is still one of the most popular Pokemon in the TCG.

Those wanting to get their hands on the item can try to find him in stores now as the Darkness Ablaze set made its debut on August 13. Who knows, in another 10 years, this might be one of the next classic items to be worth a ton.

The latest Charizard is already off to an incredible start, given that TCG collectibles have only continued to skyrocket in price as more time goes by. It seems that even 30 years later, players can’t get enough of the Fire-type.


How to evolve Nosepass into Probopass in Pokemon Go

Published: 23/Jan/2021 17:20

by Julian Young


Pokemon Go’s Hoenn Collection Challenge is in full swing, and Nosepass is one of several Pokemon players need to catch to complete the event. Here’s how to evolve your new Nosepass into a Probopass after you get your hands on one.

Leading up to its five-year celebration event – Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto – developer Niantic has a full schedule of activities to keep players occupied. Every week before the Kanto event kicks off, players have a chance to enjoy a Collection Challenge in one of the game’s regions.

The Hoenn Collection Challenge, running from January 19 to January 24, gives players an increased chance to catch various Pokemon from that region. Fan favorites like Mudkip, Plusle and Minun, and several others are on the list of Pokemon needed to complete the challenge.

Another Pokemon on that list is the Generation 3 Rock-Type Nosepass. Once caught, Nosepass can be evolved into the Steel/Rock-Type Probopass – with a small twist. Here’s how you can evolve your very own Nosepass after catching one.

Pokemon Go Hoenn Collection Challenge Event
Players have an increased chance to catch a Nosepass during the Hoenn Collection Challenge.

How to evolve Nosepass in Pokemon Go

  1. Catch a Nosepass (if you don’t have one already)
  2. Acquire 50 Nosepass candy and a Magnetic Lure
  3. Travel to a PokeStop and activate the Magnetic Lure
  4. While standing in range of the PokeStop, evolve your Nosepass into a Probopass

Evolving Nosepass into Probopass requires 50 Nosepass candy along with another item: a Magnetic Lure. Magnetic Lures are normally used to attract specific types of Pokemon – Steel, Rock, and Electric-Type – to help players catch ones they may be missing.

When it comes to evolving Nosepass into Probopass, the Magnetic Lure serves a different purpose. In this case, the Magentic Lure must be used to evolve Nosepass from a Rock-Type Pokemon into the combined Steel/Rock-Type Probopass.

There are a couple of ways to acquire Magnetic Lures. The easiest is to simply buy one from the Pokemon Go Shop for 200 PokeCoins. Magnetic Lures can also be acquired by completing Special Research Tasks (although this will take longer than just buying one from the shop).

Pokemon Olivia's Probopass
The Pokemon Company
After combining their Nosepass with a Magnetic Lure and 50 Nosepass candy, players will be rewarded with a Probopass.

Once you have your Magnetic Lure and 50 Nosepass candy in-hand, you now have everything you need to evolve the Pokemon into a Probopass. The first step to evolving your Nosepass is to travel to a PokeStop, then activate the Magnetic Lure via the Add Lure option.

After the Lure is added, you can evolve your Nosepass into a Probopass while standing within range of the PokeStop. After the process is complete, you will be rewarded with a newly-evolved Probopass to take on your Pokemon Go adventures.

The Hoenn Collection Challenge ends on January 24, so you should make sure to catch a Nosepass before the event concludes to finish the challenge (and to have the Pokemon available to evolve). The next Collection Challenge – taking place in the Johto region – kicks off on January 26.