Pokemon TCG players slam hilarious “not mint” listing

Tristan Stringer
Ripped Torterra ex Pokemon card.

A rare card making the rounds in the Pokemon TCG fandom isn’t uncommon, but fans are losing it when someone tries to pass off a severely damaged card as “not mint.”

The Pokemon trading card game is a cultural phenomenon stemming from the infinitely popular Pokemon video game series, trading the pixels for collectible paper.

Whether you play the card game in tournaments, trade them around with your friends, or collect and flog them for profit, it’s hard to avoid the impact the ‘mons have made on the card game scene.

Even the rarest Pokemon cards in the worst conditions can sell for bank-breaking amounts of cash. But this seller on eBay may be pushing that trend after seeing the card’s condition; you’d think the card would go for 50% off.

The unfortunate Umbreon card being “not mint” should be the least of this seller’s worries. Normally, “not mint” means used or improperly stored and showing wear, not literally cut in half. It is selling for over one thousand dollars.

Though it’s not unexpected for rare cards to still sell for big bucks regardless of the condition, as one fan states: “Craziest part is someone will still buy this. Reminds me of 2020 when people were buying proxy base set Charizards for $100+. Weird times.”

Being sold for such a low price even when damaged, users make light of the opportunity to own a rare, albeit slashed card. “Not me searching the bay now because this is the only way I can afford this card,” with the original bid starting at 99p, around $1.25.

The poster on Reddit revealed the item’s description, which contained the seller’s reason for trying to sell the sliced card. While it’s a laughable attempt, the context adds a somber tone to the situation.

“This is my son’s card – it was his pride and joy and his most special card; it’s always been kept in a folder and has only very rarely ever come out. It was in near mint condition and had been kept in that folder for a year before he suffered a severe lack of self control and took some scissors to it! He was distraught.”

Though some commenters doubt the story, the eBay listing has reached bids of over £130 ($165) and rising. While it’s still not close to the proposed value; it’s pleasant to see fans coming together to give compensation for the incident if true.

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