Pokemon TCG scalpers have ruined 25th Anniversary booster box prices already

Just weeks after being announced, the Pokemon 25th Anniversary Celebrations TCG expansion is already selling out online for $400. Scalpers have already ruined the Japanese version of the anticipated Pokemon card set.

In July, The Pokemon Company surprised fans by announcing the 25th Anniversary Celebrations TCG expansion in both Japan and North America. The epic set contains reprints of some of the most iconic Pokemon cards throughout the series 25-year history – including the highly-sought after Base Set Charizard.

Although the purpose of the product is meant to be an “easy” way for new and old fans to collect the retro Nintendo items once again, scalpers are already making that close to impossible. Weeks after the reveal, pre-orders for the Japanese edition are selling out online for 10 times the original retail price.

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Pokemon TCG 25th Anniversary Celebrations VenusaurThe Pokemon Company / PokeGuardian
The Celebrations TCG expansion features reprints of classic Pokemon cards.

Pokemon TCG 25th Anniversary set already ruined by scalpers

In a press release sent out in July 2021, The Pokemon Company described the Celebrations expansion as “an opportunity to stroll down memory lane with classic Pokémon TCG cards.”

With the set containing wildly popular retro cards that now sell for quite a bit, however, there has been a rush from scalpers to try to flip the product months before it’s even hit stores.

Over on the popular auction site eBay, there are hundreds of 25th Anniversary Celebrations booster boxes that have already sold for $400 – a 10-times mark up from the 4752 yen ($43 USD) price tag.

Pokemon 25th Anniversary Celebrations TCG Ebay soldTwitter: @PrimalLugia
The Japanese version of the 25th Anniversary set is already selling out on eBay for $400.

Incredibly, these aren’t just listing prices but actual boxes sold. Considering they only contain 16 packs for $43, that is a mind-blowing amount. Because each pack only has guaranteed holos in them, it’s quickly made the expansion a hot item.

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This isn’t the first time scalpers have ruined The Pokemon Company’s plan to celebrate the series 25th anniversary either. In February, adult sellers swarmed McDonalds and caused the popular children’s Happy Meal to sell out across stores worldwide.

The 25th Anniversary Celebrations TCG expansion is set to hit North American stores on October 8th, 2021. Fans are gonna need a lot of luck securing products based on the ridiculous prices the Japanese version is already selling at as a pre-order.