Is Pokemon Evolving Skies TCG set worth it? Best, worst & rarest cards

Pokemon TCG Evolving Skies promotional artThe Pokemon Company / PokeGuardian

The Pokemon Trading Card Game’s next expansion, Evolving Skies, will hit stores in August 2021. With over 200 cards included, collectors may be wondering if it’s worth purchasing. Here are the worst, best, secret, and rarest cards in the set that we know about so far.

The next TCG expansion to hit North America is going to be a big one as it boasts over 200 cards in total. Evolving Skies will include items from the wildly popular Eevee Heroes release in Japan, as well as Skyscraping Perfect and Blue Sky Stream.

From Hoenn Legendary Rayquaza to Eevee and all of its beloved evolutions, players will have a lot of cards to collect. But is it worth the money? Below we will break down the best and rarest cards that have been revealed so far.

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Evolving Skies Pokemon TCG Rayquaza WallpaperThe Pokemon Company / PokeGuardian
The Sword & Shield expansion will feature over 200 cards.

Worst Evolving Skies Pokemon cards

Name Card
Galarian Perrserker Pokemon Card Perrserker Evolving Skies
Rapid Shake Pokemon Card Vigorous Shake Evolving Skies
Switch Cup Pokemon Card Swap Cup
Lombre Pokemon Card Lombre Evolving Skies
Vigoroth Pokemon Card Vigoroth Evolving Skies

Best Evolving Skies Pokemon cards

Name Card
Rayquaza VMAX Pokemon Card Rayquaza Evolving Skies
Sylveon VMAX Pokemon Card Sylveon Evolving Skies
Gyrados VMAX Pokemon Card Gyrados Evolving Skies
Dragonite V
Suicune V

Rarest Evolving Skies Pokemon cards

Name Card
Gold Cresselia
Rainbow Rayquaza VMAX
Rainbow Raihan
Rainbow Sylveon
Gold Frosslass 

Special Art Evolving Skies Pokemon cards

Name Card
Sylveon VMAX (Special Art)
Rayquaza VMAX (Special Art)
 Noivern V (Special Art)
Dragonite V (Special Art)
Umbreon VMAX (Special Art)

Is Pokemon Evolving Skies TCG expansion worth buying?

The Evolving Skies expansion will be a mix of the three Japanese sets: Eevee Heroes, Skyscraping Perfect, and Blue Sky Stream. Based on the cards we know will be in the set so far, as well as the items that could make the final cut, we have a good idea of what to expect.

Eevee fans will absolutely not want to miss out on this one. The gorgeous VMAX holographics of their favorite Eeveelutions are a must-own for their collection. The stunning amount of rares, and full art collectibles make this easily one of the best modern collections in the TCG.

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Most importantly, the beautiful Special Art cards from the Japanese set, Eevee Heroes, have been confirmed to be in the August 2021 expansion. Evolving Skies is a MUST BUY, and will be sure to make waves in the Trading Card Game community.