Adult Pokemon fans face backlash for “ruining” 25th anniversary McDonalds promotion

Published: 10/Feb/2021 1:09 Updated: 10/Feb/2021 1:10

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon fans are furious after McDonald’s restaurants in the United States are selling out of their 25th anniversary Trading Card Game collectibles due to “greedy” adults buying them up.

The Pokemon Company has teamed up with McDonalds to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2021. For a limited time, a promotional pack of cards featuring starter ‘mon from all eight generations are being given out at the restaurants in the USA, as well as toys.

However, due to the TCG’s explosion in popularity in 2021, collectors have been swarming the fast food giant to scoop up the items. In some cases, adults have been buying hundreds of Happy Meals to score the collectibles. 

Screenshot of McDonalds 25th Anniversary cards.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Scalpers have flooded to McDonalds to buy up these 25th anniversary Pokemon cards.

“Greedy” adults ruin Pokemon 25th anniversary McDonald’s promotion

As soon as the promotion went live on February 9, reports began to flood online of McDonalds instantly selling out of their 25th anniversary toys and cards.

Over on the r/Pokemon subreddit, several fans recounted stories of their local restaurant being sold out within hours, and voiced their frustrations. 

“Didn’t find any at my McDonald’s. And yeah already seeing bunch of f**kheads trying to hustle these cards. I hope no one buys their s**t for being so f**kin greedy and going out of their way to hoard it,” one fan wrote angrily.

Another user detailed how their store had collectors buying an insane amount of items: “I just got one happy meal. The cashier told me that someone came earlier and bought 200 toys.”

Screenshot of Pokemon fans angry over 25th Anniversary McDonalds cards.

Popular Pokemon content creators such as YouTuber aDrive also faced criticism from a few fans after he had bought over 100 Happy Meals for his video where he opened the packs for his viewers.

“And a big middle finger to all the children that potentially miss out on a Happy Meal now. This aint it man,” a disappointed fan wrote in reaction to the video. 

Screenshot of Pokemon fan angry at YouTuber for buying 100 Happy Meals for Pokemon 25th Anniversary.

Although it should be pointed out, not everyone was angry about it. Another Pokemon YouTuber JT Valor was praised as he gave away the food from his 10 Happy Meals to the homeless in his city. 

Overall, the community seemed divided over fans buying multiple promotional items, as the insane popularity of the TCG is ultimately responsible for the Happy Meal chaos. Many children in love with the Nintendo franchise have no chance against the hoard of adults and their credit cards. 

If nothing else, the madness caused by the promotion shows that Pokemon has never been more popular. Despite releasing over 25 years ago, it’s now become the highest-grossing media franchise of all time.

Apex Legends

Simple Apex Legends Horizon trick makes Gibraltar & Bangalore ultimates useless

Published: 24/Feb/2021 5:28 Updated: 24/Feb/2021 5:35

by Andrew Amos


Bunkering down away from a Gibraltar or Bangalore ult in Apex Legends? Why not rise above it? Well, that’s what players are doing now, with this simple Horizon trick making it easy to avoid getting hit by both artillery drops.

Gibraltar and Bangalore’s ultimates in Apex Legends are some of the best in the game. They can lock down areas, raining hell from above and making it almost impossible to fight back through the damage and the stuns.

You can shelter inside, or drop a Gibby bubble of your own, but what if you wanted to fight back? Well, that’s where Horizon comes in for this nifty trick.

Horizon in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
If you’re a Horizon main, you’d want this Apex Legends trick under your belt.

Reddit user ‘Jagaleksandr’ showed off the trick, and how it can save your team in a pinch. Just by throwing down your Tactical ability, Gravity Lift, you can rise above the airstrikes and avoid all damage. You won’t even get shell-shocked.

After both Gibraltar and Bangalore’s ults finish, you can then drop back down to the ground. With a cheeky reposition, you can easily catch your enemies off-guard.

There is one drawback against the Horizon ultimate trick though ⁠— you won’t be able to strafe while in the air against Gibraltar. If you do so, you might be caught by a stray rocket.

This can make you a sitting duck in mid-air, but given the chaos thrown down, you should be able to get through scott-free. You might even be able to fire back, using the extra height to your advantage.

Use Horizon’s gravity lift to completely ignore Gibraltar’s and Bangalore’s rockets from r/apexuniversity

The trick might not be the most effective in isolated situations, but in the chaos of a final circle, with multiple squads fighting, this simple trick could be the difference between being crowned champion, or seeing the “Game Over” screen.

Horizon is already one of the best characters in Apex Legends, but this trick definitely separates her from the rest in late-game fights.